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Pharmacy: What is this course about?

Are you interested to pursue a career path in healthcare? Love to work directly with patients and help them get well? Perhaps, you might want to consider a degree in pharmacy.

What is Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy?

BS in Pharmacy is a four-year degree that focuses on training students on having the necessary knowledge and skills for various fields in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists are the ones who distribute prescription drugs to individuals, as well as make sure that patients are using medications safely and effectively.

Pharmacist is a kind of profession that requires a professional license. Graduates from this course must first take and pass the Pharmacist Licensure Examination from the Professional Regulatory Board of Pharmacy under the Professional Regulation Commission.

What are the subjects included in BS Pharmacy?

Some of the subjects that you will encounter while in this course may include:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Drug Testing and Analysis
  • Dispensing and Medication Analysis
  • Clinical Toxicology
  • Pharmacology-Therapeutics
  • Pharmacognosy and Plant Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Calculation
  • Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

What skills do I need to have to succeed in BS Pharmacy?

Aside from love of science and math as well as the technical knowledge in the field, here are some of the skills that will make a good fit for Pharmacy:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Research skills
  • Keen attention to details
  • Communications skills

What are the career opportunities for graduates of BS Pharmacy?

Jobs in BS Pharmacy are not just limited to the pharmaceutical field like working in drug stores. In fact, it provides a wide selection of career opportunities in various industries including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Herbal Industry
  • Regulatory Control
  • Health Maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical Journalism
  • Community Pharmacy

Which schools in the Philippines offer BS Pharmacy?

While there are many schools in the Philippines that offer this course, the Our Lady of

Fatima University has a Center of Excellence in Pharmacy; while the University of Santo Tomas has been designated as a Center of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education.

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