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Physical Therapy Board Exam: Top Performing Schools

The Physical Therapy Board Exam is the biggest test for all aspiring physical therapists. This exam happens twice a year, once in February and another in August.

In February 3 & 4 the PRC or professional Regulation Commission conducted its biannual exam at its testing centers in Manila and Cebu and here are the results!

#4 De La Salle Medical & Health Sciences Institution

Former DLSU Dasma-HSC ranked #4 with a total number of 81 students who passed the board exam out of the 96 students who took it, giving them an 84.38% batting average.

#3 Mariano Marcos State University – Batac

Ranking third is Mariano Marcos State University in Batac with an average of 89.80%. They had 44 out of 49 students who successfully passed the Physical Therapy board exam.

#2 San Pedro College – Davao City

San Pedro College in Davao city comes in with a 94.34% average. 50 out of their 53 students who took the test passed the exam last February.

#1 University of the Philippines – Manila

Lastly, the highest ranking school on the Physical Therapy board exam that happened last February 3 & 4 is the University of the Philippines – Manila with an average of 97.06% having 33 out of their 34 student pass the exam!

Physical Therapy Exam Coverage:

  • 30% – Basic Sciences
  • 25% – Medical and Surgical Conditions, Pathology
  • 45% – Physical Therapy, Applications Electrotherapy, Therapeutic Exercises, Principles of Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy

The PRC Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy is headed by Chairman Pollyana G. Escano, together with Mr. Raul G. Agustin, Ms. Bernadette M. Reyes, Mrs. Delia R. Pabalan and Hon. Rolland Lyle D. Duque who successfully administered and convened the board exams.

Congratulations to all those who have passed the Physical Therapy board exam! For those who haven’t yet, here is the schedule for the 2019 board exams. If you’re looking for ways to prepare for your biggest exam well and be ready to ace it, check out our blog articles at the College Life section at Edukasyon.ph.