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Pinoy Comics we want to see on Netflix after Trese

Komiks is NOT dead. With today’s league of Filipino comic book creators producing binge-reading worthy issues every now and then, the spirit of #PinoyKomiks is indeed still alive. Manix Abrera’s classic humor in Kiko Machine is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, as writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo’s supernatural horror/crime comics prodigy Trese is set to become one of Netflix original anime series, here are other Pinoy graphic novels that we *wish* to see on Netflix, too:


1. The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Lady.

You may already saw or read a number of time-traveling, memory-flashing flicks before but nothing is a visually stunning and captivating as The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Lady. Written by Paolo Herras with graphics from Jericho Marte, the story will take you to different eras in the Philippine history through the eyes of an old lady named Grasya who herself is running away from her painful. The story transitions from the present to the past through a recurring theme of butterflies. Prepare your heart because there’s gonna be a lot of painful loss, tragedies, and lessons from the yesterday.

2. The Mythology Class

Long before there was Trese, did you know that there was The Mythology Class? This National Book Award-winning graphic novel from Arnold Arre is about the story of UP Anthropology student named Nicole Lacson. Nicole, who gained passion for Filipino myths from her grandfather, meets the mysterious Mrs. Enkanta. From there, she embarks on face to face encounters with mythical creatures like kapres, tikbalangs and engkantos. Forget about the White Walkers of the Westeros because The Mythology Class will give you the most epic engkanto invasion you’ll ever know. Traversing the familiar streets of Metro Manila will never be the same once you read this book!

3. Mythspace

Reimagine Star Wars with aswangs, kapre, and manananggal –sounds exciting, right? If you have an insatiable hunger for science fiction, you will not be disappointed with Paolo Chikiamco’s graphic anthology “Mythspace”. Mythspace will take you out in space to witness an epic mashup of weird adventures featuring your favorite mythical creatures as *aliens*.

4. Filipino Heroes League

From MCU to DC, we’ve learned that it’s not easy being a superhero. Now imagine being a superhero in the Philippines, which is still in its development status. No supersonic cars. No fancy suits and capes. No nanotechnologies. No funding at all. Yet, the Filipino Heroes League (FHL) is consist of extraordinary people determined to fight injustice and maintain peace. From powers like invisibility, speed and even the ability to make inventions out of trash, don’t you think it’s about time we need a new breed of heroes?

Indeed, the Philippine comics culture will never run out of amazing talents to surprise us. Surely, it’s worth looking forward to see more of these pinoy masterpieces have their chance to be in the spotlight.

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