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Preview: A Sneak Peek into A Day at A Visayan University

Let’s be real – college applications are stressful. The options and choices you have to make are overwhelming and then the waiting, the hoping, (maybe even praying) to get that “we are pleased to inform you” letter.

Acing the test, and nailing the interview are nerve-wracking but it all boils down to a few questions. How do you even know which university is right for you? Or what program best suits your personality?

If you’re eyeing a career in public health and service, Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) just might be the school for you.

CDU has consistently produced board top-notchers in the past medical and licensure exams. Can’t say we’re surprised—it’s the only institution in the country without both grade school and high school levels to be given a University Status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). CHED has also given them a certificate of recognition for producing globally competitive, topnotch graduates!

This school found in the heart of Mandaue City, Cebu lives up to their hashtag, #CDUCultureOfExcellence.

Who says medical practitioners can’t be smart AND athletic?

CDU’s campus is strategically designed to address the different needs and interests of its inhabitants. Once inside, we see multiple high-tech laboratories for the different sciences and a modern library.

The 1000-seater building comes complete with study-friendly options: solo desks, charging areas, discussion rooms, and even a perk corner for those taking a brain break. It’s the perfect spot for a quick cup of coffee or a light snack to get your juices going.

But CDU isn’t all about being smart. The school stays on top of the game by making sure to produce well-rounded students too. An active lifestyle is important too so we’re happy to let you know they have courts for several sports, like volleyball and badminton, plus an outdoor swimming pool. They even join inter-school competitions, like the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation (CESAFI), and win medals!

CDU has been known to make a scene—the international kind!

It’s no rookie to the international playing field. For starters, CDU alumni are well-known for how they work in their respective fields, whether here or abroad!

Not to mention, CDU has played host to a number of foreign students and collaborated with universities from other countries, showing off both their credibility as a school and the world-renowned Filipino hospitality.

Most notably (and recently), they held on-campus conferences with both Saekyung University and Ansan University. In fact, CDU President and the College of Nursing Dean visited the latter only a few months back. These are moments we’re sure created unique and lasting bonds. Annyeong Haseyo, chinggu! (Hello friend!)

Learning can happen outside the classroom too.

With everyone living in the age of the Internet, it seems everyone has slowly but surely forgotten the beauty of slowing down and living life off-screen. Cebu Doctors’ University encourages multiple kinds of learning.

Mental Health Awareness month explains how important self-care is. National Book week, on the other hand, promotes the almost-but-not-quite-lost art of reading a book with actual pages to flip through. The school’s calendar is brimming with activities that go beyond a traditional set-up.

These events, and others like Thanksgiving Workshops and week-long Intramurals and Sportsfests, encourage face-to-face interaction, emotional development, and facilitate spiritual growth too. There are, after all, lessons that four walls can’t teach.

And last but not the least, CDU is disaster-friendly.

CDU has a Disaster and Assistance Response Team (CDU-DART) in place. Yes, they respond in during natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, and the like. But, they also respond to health emergencies! When a student or one of their staff isn’t feeling well, they swoop in, to the rescue.

The university has training programs to prepare CDU-DART for such situations, including physical conditioning and simulations to train them to be alert and keep them in shape. Keep these guys in mind, or better yet, keep them on your speed dial! And while we’re at it, happy first decade, CDU-DART! In case you didn’t know, the team is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Talk about excellence, huh?

When all is said and done, we can’t deny Cebu Doctors’ University has plenty to offer its students and staff members – plus the environment too. In 2019, CDU bagged a Sibol Award for being one of the most promising and eco-friendly schools. A school that cares for its residents and its surroundings? An excellent choice you may want to check out.