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Psyched To Take Up Psychology? Check Out These 5 Mindanao Schools!

Psychology is broadly known as the study of the mind and behavior. When I was in high school, I took higher-level psychology under the International Baccalaureate program. This pre-college program enabled me to study sociocultural, biological, and cognitive psychology. Through that two-year program, I was able to learn that psychology is compelling because of its multiple approaches to studying the human mind and behavior. The concept of memory, for instance, can be viewed from the socio-cultural, biological, and cognitive approaches. 

If you are a student from Mindanao that is interested in learning more about psychology by pursuing it at a university level, there are a plethora of top-notch universities that provide the course. Here are just some of the schools in Mindanao that offer psychology courses: 

1. Xavier University 

Xavier University offers a 4-year BS in Psychology course and is located in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental. XU is a private Catholic university wherein an entrance test is required. It is ranked as the number one school in Misamis Oriental (in terms of weighted board exams ranking).

According to our sources, R.G. graduated with a BS in psychology from XU in 2014 and stated, 

“XU has a lot of improvements to work on. But still, personally, I commend XU for still trying to work on it’s downsides and improve. It is improving every year. What my college as taught me is becoming a leader. XU has always stressed on student leadership which I experienced first hand.”

2. Central Mindanao University 

Central Mindanao University offers a four-year AB in Psychology program. For graduating students that took the guidance counselor licensure exam, the university boasts a 100% passing rate. The state university itself is located in Maramag, Bukidnon and requires an entrance exam in order to apply for the program. 

What was the experience like for someone who graduated? According to B.C., who studied psychology at CMU in 2012:

“The school was amazing. Its location perhaps is in the middle of a province but it’s worth it. During my time, I only paid 90 pesos per unit. l just had to pay 3000-4000 PHP in a semester. And when you’re lucky enough to become an academic scholar you’ll just be paying 300 PHP to zero…”

3. Ateneo de Davao 

Located in Davao city, Ateneo de Davao offers a four-year AB in Psychology course. The university is private and identifies as Catholic. Based on the weighted board exams rankings, Ateneo de Davao is in the top ten of all universities in the Philippines.

So what can you expect as a student? M. M., who graduated from the school in 2014 and said,

“The atmosphere is great, people are highly social beings and always show poise and grace. The professors are very intelligent and creative in their own ways of reaching out and teaching their students.” 

4. University of Mindanao 

The University of Mindanao offers a four-year BS in Psychology and is located in Davao City. It is considered as a private university and does not require an entrance test upon application. One reviewer, F. A., who graduated from the university in 2013 declared,

It is challenging but no challenge is too great for an interested mind in pursuit of excellence. The skills needed for success in this field (psychology) are memory, observation, analysis, prudence, and more experience.” 

5. Holy Cross of Davao College 

The Holy Cross of Davao College offers a four-year BS in Psychology program that “aims to live up to the philosophy of living by God’s truth and drawing out the good and the beautiful through the science and thus contribute to the effort of evolving a humane society in a culture marked with rational authentic Filipino Christianity.” The school is located in Davao City and requires an entrance test upon application. 

These are only some of the many schools in Mindanao that offer psychology courses! To learn more about them and their requirements, visit Edukasyon.ph. Whether you’re on the road to becoming a psychologist or simply considering it, the site above has the resources that can guide you in mapping out your future career.  

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