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#RoomieCode101: Your Crash Course To Enjoying Dorm Life

It’s Monday! And it’s already 7 o’clock in the morning.

You’re running late for class.

Your alarm clock rings for the nth time.

Your roommate’s wide awake and so is the entire dormitory, except… well, you.

And just before you were able to hit the snooze button once more, your roommate throws you a pillow from across the room and hits you first. And just like that, you’re up!

Sounds familiar?

For some students, this might just be their daily morning routine: an overly annoyed roommate telling them to wake up. Or for some with a ~more civil~ approach to wake-up calls, a polite request to turn off the alarm. If you live in a dorm or an apartment, you can somehow attest to stories like this (and more). Right?

College undeniably holds some of the most exciting times in a student’s life. And for those who get to experience #dormlife, it might just be a whole lot more fun and enjoyable (read: slumber party)!

slumber party

Although experiences differ from one room to another, there are some basic roomie codes you should know and memorize to help you have the best dorm life experience. Ready?

Roomie Code #1: Agree on house rules.

Ever notice how professors use the first week of classes for orientations? You know, the usual course policies and university rules. It’s not because they don’t want to teach yet on the first day but it’s so that students and teachers alike can be on the same page on things that matter throughout the semester.

Likewise, you and your roomie should take time and sit down as early as possible to agree on house rules that’ll make your dorm experience superb! Set your expectations. Assign household chores. Whatever you think is necessary for both of you. When these things are crystal clear from Day 1, there’s less room for misunderstanding in the future.

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Roomie Code #2: Be responsible.

There’s a pretty good reason why agreeing on house rules came first on the list. That is, You. Are. Responsible. For. Things. You. Agreed. On. #realtalk. If you want to have World War IV in your dorm room, go ahead and forget to do your chores (read: please, just don’t). Kidding aside, remember that sharing a room means sharing responsibilities. From washing the dishes to paying the rent, make sure to do your part. And do it well!

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Roomie Code #3: Respect each other’s privacy.

Nobody wants a roommate who doesn’t know what boundaries are. While you share the same dorm, make room for some personal space too. Whether it’s a designated side of the room or just a spot in the corner, allow each other a time to breathe and do your own thing. Sure, dorm life can push you to be real #clingy with each other, but it will also teach you to value your alone time more.

PS. Privacy means off limits to your roomie’s stuff too!!

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Roomie Code #4: Look out for each other.

It’s one thing to live under one roof, and another to share a life together. Go for the latter! So when life gives you a roomie, make #friendshipgoals a reality. Imagine going home to a friend you can trust after a long day in school. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s always a good idea to have someone who can check on you daily—from acads to health to whereabouts. And also, let your roomie know you got his/her back too!



Roomie Code #5: Have fun.

As if it needs any more explanation, living in a dorm will probably give you some of the best memories in your student life. It’s like the middle ground of being a student and an adult where you basically get the best of both worlds! Can it honestly get better than that? So seize every moment and enjoy your freedom, all while being responsible. Who knows all the adventures you and your roomie will have? #roomiegoals

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Not everyone will get to experience dorm life, the same way that not everyone will get the chance to build new friendships through it. If given the chance, might as well build one that counts! So don’t forget these five roomie codes but remember to make your own too.

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