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Should You Use Your Laptop to Take Notes?

Ever since laptops were allowed for classroom usage, students, teachers, and even scientists have found themselves debating: Should you use your laptop to take notes? 


            The short answer – no. The longer answer? It’s a bit more complicated.

            According to a study by Princeton University and the University of California published last 2014, researchers found out that students who took notes on a laptop were more likely to simply copy what their professor said word per word. This instinct actually impaired the learning of the students because their brains were processing the information more shallowly, instead of taking in larger concepts and condensing them into note-form. When tasked to take conceptual tests, the students who used laptops performed poorly compared to the note-takers.

            In addition, another study by Appalachian State University published in 2010 showed that most students who take their laptops to class are only working on class-related material about 58% of the time. Going online, working on different assignments, or playing games comprised the other 42%. These students were more likely to fall off task and were less satisfied with their education when asked.

            The studies show it: using laptops to take notes in class might not be the best choice; then again, it all depends on how you use your computer. If you’re a disciplined person, you might benefit from having your laptop to take verbatim notes you can study extensively later. In short, it’s up to you what tool you use to take notes. Just make sure that the laptop you are using is a tool for your education, not a distraction.

            You can actually do both! Try taking notes in class then transfer them to your laptop –that way, you can add your own thoughts and conclusions in your reviewers for incoming exams. All of these really depend on your self-discipline and focus as a student.

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