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I Stayed in My Home Province to Study and Why You Should Consider It Too

Living in Davao City, I have always dreamt of studying in the most prestigious school in the Philippines. I wanted to go to a school that I always see on TV or hear on the radio. I was dead set on going to Manila because the media have always said that it’s the city where the best schools in the Philippines are located.


But as I grew older, I became aware of the different schools in my city by researching on the internet and social media. I also realized that quality may not always be the result of a pricier tuition fee as I got to know our best state universities in Davao like University of the Philippines – Mindanao and University of Southeastern Philippines


Moreover, in widening my options and knowledge of different schools in our region, I discovered how one should also consider his/her dream profession because this is one of the biggest factors in choosing one’s school.


Let’s say you want to pursue medicine or health care, Davao Medical School Foundation, Brokenshire College, San Pedro College, Davao Doctors College, and University of the Immaculate Conception are schools that you should consider. If you’re thinking of going to law school like I do, some schools worth checking out are Ateneo de Davao University, University of Mindanao, and Jose Maria College. These schools are also known for business-related courses.


Other private colleges in Davao City that some students choose because of affordability and quality are Rizal Memorial Colleges, Holy Cross of Davao College, and Philippine Women’s College. Another school worth checking out is Malayan Colleges of Mindanao, a Mapua school which will be opening this June 2018 offering Senior High School, Engineering, Architecture, I.T., and graduate courses.


Mindanao is home to a lot of progressive provinces and cities. Usually, provinces and cities have their own competent universities and colleges that provide students with quality education. Sometimes, students still go to a nearby city to apply for scholarships or pick a course not offered in schools in their home province.


I’m thankful to be living in this digital age because it taught and helped me discover new things, my future included.


If I was stuck in my traditional way of choosing a school, my parents would surely have a hard time because studying in Manila for someone who lives in Davao City will be quite expensive. For someone from a middle-class family like me, paying for my tuition using my parents’ hard-earned money can put the other needs of our family at a disadvantage.


For most Filipino students, money is always the biggest issue at hand so applying for a scholarship is probably the best way for students like me who really want to study and finish school. Fortunately, I was able to get a scholarship, study in Ateneo de Davao University, and work my way to get a degree.


After everything that I’ve been through, I realized that if I let my limited knowledge and biases overpower me before, I would not have ended up in the right school in my own city.


When choosing a school, one should consider all possible options to make an informed and educated decision. At the end of the day, where you study- whether in Manila, in your home province, or in a neighboring city-  does not matter; what’s more important is hard work and the will to achieve your dreams.