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Study Hacks: 6 YouTube Channels that Improve your Brainpower

We often tell ourselves we’ll take a quick YouTube break, watch one fun video, then get right back to work. Four hours and zero output later, we find ourselves stuck. Still watching funny clips, or discovering a whole new side of the internet.

But what if we told you that your study breaks could be entertaining and productive? Ever heard of the StudyTube community? It’s basically any student or curious mind’s paradise on YouTube. It’s full of real-life lessons from real-life students going through your very same struggles. A huge bonus? These YouTube channels are so easy to watch during breaks! Plus, they make subjects way more interesting to learn about, too.

Check them out. Just, you know, limit your binge-watching if you’ve got homework or studies.


Behold, a real-life Hermione!  Somehow, she makes taking notes and studying look like an art form. Tune in for short, sweet, and super doable advice about getting your school life in order. Studyquill is also a haven for stationery and supply addicts!

Studyquill can be a gateway into the “studyblr” community. They’re students who make aesthetically pleasing videos about study advice, stationery hauls, and bullet journal spreads. Check out Studyign, StudyWithInspo, and tbhstudying!

Thomas Frank

Let’s be honest. School is hard but the adulting that comes with it is even harder. So in comes Thomas Frank, a motivational school-slash-college guide who keeps it real. He tackles real-life problems like hacking laziness and staying consistent with your habits.

Crash Course

This channel is loaded with fun, partially-animated videos that cover a variety of subjects from philosophy to biology to engineering. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted young adult writer John Green to teach you history and literature, here’s your chance.

The Art Assignment

Don’t worry, this channel doesn’t require you to draw or be artsy. You just need to be interested in art—its history, people, and movements. What’s great about this channel is how curator Sarah Urist Green talks about art history so it’s current and, well, not boring.

Crazy Russian Hacker

This guy is exactly what he says he is: a curious mind who does crazy experiments…for science! He puts niche gadgets to the test and has occasional zombie apocalypse life hack videos, too. Definitely do not do this at home. Unless he says so. Even then, safety first!


TED-Ed is a perfect pitstop for curious minds. What makes this channel worth subscribing to isn’t just the beautiful animations or the bite-sized lessons that pick your brains. It’s how each lesson—whether it’s about math or culture—can relate to our realities.

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