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Surviving college with ₱300 a week

The student budget struggle is real. For a lot of students from public universities, they have to survive with as much as only ₱300 in their pockets. I know the experience. I’ve been there and done that. It’s not easy at first, but it’s doable if you put your mind to it. Here are a few ways you can stretch your student budget which I still use to this day at work.

Create a weekly meal plan

Be wise in choosing your meals. Make sure that you buy food that will sustain your energy for the whole day. Top of my list is eggs! They’re affordable and has a high nutritional value that can boost your energy throughout the day.

Choose your friends wisely.

Your choice of friends will dictate the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Whether it’s on the kind of activities you do together or the food you share. Stay with friends who want the best for you and share your values.

Staycations are the best vacations.

I believe in the saying that the safest place to be is at home. Staying at home means being far away from the temptation of impulsive shopping and uncalled invitations from your friends to a party. Make the most out of your stay at home, while saving loads of money.

Look for a part-time job.

Studying while working is very challenging. But the key to success is time management. When I was a student assistant in our College, I dedicated my mornings to checking of exam papers of my boss and my afternoons for my studies.

College is a whole new world. You have to be independent. Giving up is never an option if you want to graduate. College was one of my tough moments in life, but despite the challenges I faced, it was also the most fun because I saved and earned as much as I could.

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