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Better Believe It: Tech-Voc Is Just As Good As College

Out of 1.7M high school graduates every year, only 900,000 enter college. That’s only a little more than half! What about the rest?

While 73% of Filipino families aspire to have their children finish college, it doesn’t always happen. Some are held back by financial or geographic constraints. Others find that the gap between their personal interests and skills are too difficult to bridge. 

But wait! Here’s some good news: tech-voc is a great way to ensure a lucrative, skills-based career after Senior High School! Here are some reasons you should enroll in a tech-voc course (or two) and pursue careers that could better match your interests:


Tech-voc courses are affordable!

To give you an idea, the tuition fee of local tech-voc schools that offer short courses range from 1,000 – 10,000 pesos only! As a bonus, there are programs where you can avail of tech-voc courses for free.

Usually, public or TESDA-accredited schools offer the courses for free. Looking to still graduate from a private school? Those that offer TESDA-accredited courses may still charge for it, but it wouldn’t cost as much as a full degree. Assessment fees can range from 400 to 2,000 pesos. In comparison: annual college tuition fees can set you back around 100,000 pesos yearly!

Also, contrary to popular belief, tech-voc is more than just agriculture and machinery. There are courses for foreign languages, and even 3D game art development. These are available in any state-run Technical-Vocational Institutions (STVIs), making it, and the eventual plethora of opportunities, more accessible for all! 


You can easily find TESDA-accredited centers all over the country

Another common misconception is that you have to move to a metropolis (see: Manila, Cebu, and Davao) to pursue further education after high school. However, TESDA-accredited schools are everywhere.

Whether you’re way up north, in Baguio city, or living near the mountains of Zamboanga del Sur in Mindanao, your next job-ready skill could be just around the corner. Check this list to make sure the school is accredited, then get started on your technical training!


Your educational investment pays off quickly

In a year or two, you can go from FUNemployed to highly skilled in your chosen craft—from welding-related exercises to tourism promotion, even to computer programming. The course duration will depend on your craft and school. This is because some schools add additional requirements on top of the TESDA-accredited course.

Regardless of where you receive the training though, in the short span of time in your course, you’ll receive Tech-Voc Educational Training (TVET), a competency-based assessment that evaluates students through practical tests, oral and written exams, portfolio, or work projects. 

After you complete the assessment and do well in all the units, you’ll receive your National Certificate (NC)! Otherwise, you could still receive a Certificate of Competency, which is given to individuals who have demonstrated enough competence in a particular unit or cluster of skills.

You do note that these two certifications are valid for five years. By getting certified, you can start working and earn a living with your chosen skill right away. Not sure where to start? Thanks to TESDA’s partner companies and foundations, job-hunting would be much easier. No more guessing which job would match your skills. The demand is high, and so are the potential earnings!

Since tech-voc focuses on specific skills, you get straight into learning what you need, to be job-ready faster! Compared to a four-year college course, this could be a shorter first step towards your dream career. Remember though, you can always pursue a college degree after your tech-voc training. Except maybe this time, you could pay for it yourself!


Overall, tech-voc would equip and empower you to pursue your passion and reach your potential without the heavy investment and time commitment! Find your nearest TESDA center or State-run Technical-Vocational Institutions (STVI) and discover an exciting career no matter where you are. 

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