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Terror Professors and How to Deal with Them

Ever wondered why strict, nerve-wracking professors exist? Those who give students a hard time during classes, and worst, dangle F marks to scare students. These educators are often referred to as “Terror Profs” and just the thought of entering the classroom and seeing the professor can make you consider dropping the subject altogether.

Unfortunately, there is not a single school in the world where students won’t meet a terror professor. Even Hogwarts had Dolores Umbridge at some point!

No one knows why they act the way they do. Feared by a majority of the student body, students who manage to avoid their classes are considered #blessed.

So what are tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with a terror?

Most are short-tempered and unapproachable. They assign requirements that consume a ridiculous amount of time and energy from a student. They are notorious for distributing overly detailed and difficult exams. Some terror profs are quiet about their teaching standards and scare tactics, but there are loud and vocal ones who proudly shun students who are deemed not worthy.

There is something about terror professors that make a student either love or hate them. But to truly spin that hate to love, there are several ways on how students can defy the odds.

Work doubly hard, arrive extra early, read in advance, and pay more attention. Basically, don’t give terror professors more reasons to terrorize you. There will always be space for improvement so persevere in learning and doing better. There is nothing to lose as long as you give time and effort.

Often, terror professors prefer students who are hardworking and passionate about discovering new things compared to happy-go-lucky students who never had a genuine desire to learn and only exist to coast and to pass. So one way to tame the tiger in them is to show interest in the discussion. Participating in class is not a must-do, but it will definitely increase your chances of passing the grumpy man’s (or woman’s) subject.

Above all, students tend to overlook that the terror they see in these professors are often the realest they could ever experience. An almost daily experience with terror professors can be the perfect training ground before coming out to a gladiator-like coliseum called real world. It’s not the best scenario, but hey, the life lessons will come in handy.

Some comforting thoughts when you find yourself face-to-face with terror– they exist because they need to. Yes, they provide misery but think of it as a teacher’s way of challenging a student’s potential to the fullest. And remember, inside that intimidating facade lies a heart that will eventually give at least a 90 to the worthy few.