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The 5 Best Courses To Take Through A Distance Learning Program

The rise of distance learning education a.k.a. online education has opened up exciting study opportunities in the country. One of the perks of studying online? You’ll be able to study anytime and anywhere you want. You can also get your degree after completing the entire course. It’s a dream come true for many students!

Yet with hundreds of online courses to choose from, you’re probably having a difficult time right now in choosing the best online course for you. Here’s the good news: We picked out the best online courses from various fields to help you choose the course that you can take through a distance learning program! Check out these cool online courses below.

Certificate in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 

What you’ll learn: how to effectively teach English to non-native speakers

The TESOL Certification is a popular teaching qualification in the English language. With a TESOL certificate, you can teach English to non-native speakers around the world! 

AMA Online Education offers a 120-hour TESOL Professional Certification through an interactive self-paced online course in just 14 weeks. Learn how to teach English using methods that are flexible to different learning environments. You will also learn how to create lesson plans that are effective for teaching presentation in the classroom.

Master in Business Administration

What you’ll learn: the tricks of the trade in the business environment

Pursuing a master’s degree in business administration is one of the proven ways to level up your career! Thanks to our modern technology, you can now earn your master’s degree online! This online course will teach you the key strategies of effective management by tackling business coaching, benefit analysis, compensation management, and corporate headhunting. Throughout the course, you will log in an online portal where you can access the learning materials.  

Diploma in International Health 

What you’ll learn: how to address global health problems through research

If you’re a graduate of nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied medical professions, social work, and other related fields, you can apply for this online course at UP Open University! This online course is specifically designed for students who would like to pursue an academic career in international health. Keep in mind that you need to have at least one year of experience in the field of public health before you can enroll.

Once you’ve completed this online course, gain a nuanced understanding of our health problems across the world. Soon, you will be able to help improve the quality of the healthcare system in our country! Additionally, in just two years, you can already earn your diploma in International Health!

Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management 

What you’ll learn: how to save the environment using scientific methods

Calling all the tree-huggers out there! This master’s degree program aims to teach professionals the art and science of the environment and natural resources management. After you’ve completed two core courses, you can choose your specialization between the Upland Resources Management Track or the Coastal Resources Management Track. Note: If you want to graduate and earn your master’s degree, you have to maintain a GWA of 2.0. Cheers for saving the environment!

Master of Distance Education

What you’ll learn: how to upgrade distance learning education in the country

One of the best courses to take through a distance learning program is a Master of Distance Education. We’re not kidding! This course degree aims to develop your knowledge and skills when it comes to designing, implementing, and managing formal and informal distance education. The best part? You will learn how to upgrade e-learning programs and open more study opportunities around the country.

Through distance learning programs, you can now study and earn a degree! On top of that, you have all these awesome courses to choose from. 

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