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The Ultimate College Application Prep Checklist

Now that the graduation season is just around the corner, it also signals for students the start of another important chapter in their lives—college. A new phase to learn, meet new people, and explore. But with the laundry list of things that you need to accomplish, transitioning from senior high to college might seem to be a really daunting task.

If you haven’t made your plans yet for college, here’s a complete college prep checklist to help you move your way smoothly to your dream university:

College entrance prep

Research your school

One of the most important things to include in your college prep checklist is the school. Remember that you’re going to stay there for four years or so, so it’s important to choose one that would best prepare you for your future career. Aside from academics, there also other things that you need to consider when choosing a college like the cost, location and course offerings. Websites like Edukasyon.ph allow students to browse through thousands of local and international colleges and universities. You can also do a filtered search depending on your preferences and apply directly online to the school of your choice!

Prepare for entrance exam

Whether its UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET, USTET, PUP or any entrance exam to your dream school, preparation is the key to success. Search for the school’s admission requirements, start planning your review routines, or take review classes.

Financial prep

Apply for a scholarship

Know what the expenses you’ll have to pay aside from the tuition fees. Applying for a scholarship could help ease the weight on your parent’s wallet. There are many available scholarships in the country that you can apply to. Here are the scholarship essentials you need to consider:

Applying for a scholarship can be overwhelming especially with the tons of requirements that you need to accomplish. Know the most common scholarship application requirements in the country like Transcript of Records, diploma, certifications, valid photo and where to get them.

With the thousands of students vying for scholarship grants, the competition is really high. So how do you stand out among the rest? Ace your interview! Aside from power dressing, your ability to communicate your story well and why you deserve the grant to the interviewers can set you apart from other applicants. Here are some of the steps that you can follow: know who you are, understand the power of stories, be the best version of yourself, acknowledge the truth, be clear about what you want, and why you want it and lastly, don’t forget to prepare for your much-awaited interview.

Writing an essay for scholarship application can be challenging, not even with the most seasoned writers. Not to worry though, there are more than a few ways you can get started on this seemingly daunting task.

Identify other sources of funding

Aside from scholarships, there other ways where you can source funds for your study expenses like having a part-time job in college or managing your finances wisely (e.g.  staying within your budget!).

Application prep

Choose your college course

Whether you want to pursue your passion or book a high-paying job, there are a number of degrees that you can take for college. If you are confused or just haven’t made up your mind yet as to what degree you’d like to be in, there are a number of ways to overcome your uncertainties.

Apply to your chosen schools

Next on your college prep checklist: check your school’s admission requirements. Make sure that you submit everything that is needed especially docs like forms, valid IDs and admission passer’s slip. To avoid common enrollment hassles like queueing for long lines, filling out tons of paper forms and spending extra cash for document photocopies, there are a number of schools in the country that accept online application.

Logistics Prep

Get ready for dorm life

Whether your university is far from your home or you just want to try out dorm life, keeping a list of the things to bring to your temporary home is a must on your college prep checklist. If you’re studying abroad, homesickness and culture shock can’t be avoided, but there are effective ways to deal with them. Know the basic survivals of living the dorm life like learning how to prepare your own meals and snacks.

Prep your stuff

Your college prep checklist won’t be complete without getting your school stuff ready. One of the primary things you’ll need is the bag. It’s where you keep your books, planners, laptop, and other personal stuff.  But aside from being an item of utility, bags can also say something about you. Know which bags are perfect for every personality.

As you face your exciting life in college, you need to have the right shoes for the task at hand. Whether it’s an outdoor play with your teammates, an interview for the scholarship you’re are applying for, or just a regular day at the school, knowing the different types of school shoes that will fit your needs is a must.

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