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This Is When You Should Study For Your Exams

Do you always see yourself cramming before exams, trying to study the whole semester’s lesson in one night? Because you know, your brain trolled you to thinking it can be done? If you think those sleepless nights before exam day and the bazillion amount of coffee is the key to acing that exam, you don’t need us to tell you that you are mistaken. Your grades probably already did. But fear not because here’s the timeline on how you can properly absorb your lessons sans cramming.

Cramming Meme

3 weeks before

I know what you’re thinking, “No Way!” It’s normal for us students to procrastinate when it comes to reviewing your lessons because all we want to do after a long day at school is to relax or chill out with the squad. But it is actually way easier to retain important information if your mind is calm. Just simply reading your notes every day will do your mind a great favour. Instead of just trying to memorise everything the night before, reading in advance will actually help you understand your lessons better. So as early as 3 weeks before exams, start reviewing your notes. Hey, if you can make it a hobby to review them every day, do it!

Does anybody know how to study meme

1 week before

Let’s say your drama-filled senior high school life is on peak and so much is happening that studying three weeks before was just not possible. There’s still hope for you. You still have one week left so make sure to tell your brain NO if it starts trolling you to say “I’ll study later” again! At this point, you should catch up on the lessons you find the most confusing and ask help from your teacher or friends to help you grasp the points you don’t understand yet. this

What Does That Mean Meme

1 day before

It might seem otherwise but believe it or not, this time, is actually better spent relaxing your mind. Studies have shown that a stress-free mind performs better during exams. So instead of staying up late panic-reviewing, get that much-needed sleep and don’t forget to treat yourself to an amazing breakfast before heading to your exam!

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