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Tips to Gear You for College

Pre-school, elementary, high school, each was a mountain of memories and stories that shaped us to become who we are today. The world of college is yet another mountain to be climbed after reaching the peak of graduating in high school. Now, as you enter this world, many uncertainties awaits you, many challenges that would shake your entire world, create bruises and wounds that would end up as scars, however, bear in mind that you survived everything once, you’ll get through everything once again.

Now, in this time and age, we must admit and see that sometimes things don’t go our way. There are problems that arise every person upon entering college especially when they are scared of what awaits them beyond those humongous gates of various universities.

Here’s a short and simple list of the things that will help you get through outcrops of Mt. College.

1. Keep your eyes open 

It’s not because a monster might devour you upon entering the classrooms and you have to make sure that you get out of the place in the nick of time. No, it means you keep your eyes open to every single thing happening around you. The university’s campus is wide enough to accommodate your hunger for learning and adventure. Remember that education isn’t solely enclosed in the four corners of the classrooms, it is beyond that, it is more than that, it is everywhere. You can get it from people, classmates, professors, organizations, institutions, and much more.

Learn to look at things beyond what they seem. You don’t want to waste four years or more of your life in college and realize that all those time, you were busy memorizing things that you weren’t able to find the real joy in learning and growing. The eyes are your windows to this world you’re about to enter, don’t close it, you might miss something worth remembering.

2. The key to closed doors

Admit or not, the reality that the high school you graduated from could be different from the university you’re entering. It’s as if you came out from your cocoon and now you’re a butterfly, finding your way to the gardens of college. The person you were before you enter the gates will be washed out because you’re faced with a fresh start.

You will stop and stare and the list of opportunities but then realized that it didn’t occur to you that you’ll sign up for those. We come face to face with the pressure of getting a lot of achievements that is suitable to you after you graduate—be it pressure coming from family, or pressure coming from yourself.

Now, pressure is a lot to take in, so if you come across it, take a deep breath, close your eyes and exhale. Repeat to yourself that the best teacher of all is experience, repeat until it sinks in. You’ll feel a lot better afterward. Life is so much better when you start to venture around it. Step out of your comfort zone, look beyond of what you think you can do. Who knows? You might not only find the key to closed but find out your other potentials and be best in other fields too.

3. The dragon/s of Mt. College

You will meet a lot of people as you grow older, they will make great impacts and craters in your life that you’ll remember as long as you live. There are only two kinds of people that you’ll get the chance to encounter—the fairies and the dragons.

Let me focus more on the dragons. You see, these are the people that will test your faith in humanity. These could either be your professors, batchmates, orgmates or people you see once in a school year. You’ll curse them, you’ll get mad at them, you’ll call them names, it might be because they bring out the beast in you or they pour in so much workload, so much for you to handle. However, bear in mind that you can never please everybody. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t and it is the reality. You’ll bump into people who has beliefs contrary to yours and that’s totally fine. It means that your understanding will grow and your patience will lengthen.

What’s life without roars and fires from dragons? Come on, they add up some spice, right? Someday, when you sit on your rocking chair, and you get a ticket to a trip to memory lane, you’ll just laugh at those people who became authors of the book “Tips on how to ruin someone’s perfect day” and realize how thankful you are that they became characters of your own book called life, that they became the aid in building your character. They are fairies in disguise after all.

So when they start shooting ball of fires towards you, just have the courage and be kind, like what Cinderella always say. Let these two be your armor, you adventurer.

4. Ball of positivity

Mt. College could be the worst mountain you’ll ever hike or climb yet it could always be the best too. You could get drag down by landslides of tiredness caused by academics meet or rain of requirements and deadlines or typhoons of bad thoughts. You could also get sunburned by the sun rays of sharp words and angry professors, bossy classmates, you could think of going back down because you’re so close to giving up, but and it’s a very big but, inculcate in your mind and body that you were born for a reason, you were born to experience what it’s like to finally be in a new place, venture for yourself, study for your family and work for your future.

Hold on to rocks as if they’re the hands of your family, step up as if there’s no tomorrow, shoo away the negativity and be a big ball of positivity. A happy mind results to a happy body and a happy life. No matter how cliché that sounds, it always works. Just go on, climb Mt. College, and when you reach the peak, you’ll set eyes on how wonderful God made life to be.



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