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10 Most Popular School Organizations from Mindanao Universities

Are you a student who wants to make a difference? Do you want to get involved in community-building activities? Or maybe you’d like to make friends and be part of an organization that helps the less fortunate? No matter your intent, there’s a college org perfect for you! Check out these civic, religious and academic school organizations you can join in college.

  1. Keepers Club International – caters to all the needs of students, whether it be physical, material, intellectual or spiritual, by providing activities that will suit their lifestyle and personality, so long as it leads them to the right path. The organization is based in Davao city, particularly at Jose Maria college.
  2. AIESEC – This youth organization helps develop young people through leadership and exchange opportunities. AIESEC Davao is one of its local branches in the Philippines and University of the Philippines Mindanao, Ateneo De Davao and Mindanao Kokusai are its partner schools.
  3. Muslim Student Organization – Muslim Student Organization was founded in the year 2005 in San Pedro College, guided by the belief that unity can be achieved amidst diversity. Currently, the organization is comprised of Muslim students coming from different Bangsamoro tribes that work hand in hand to achieve peace and love among people of living faith.
  4. AFS Club – formerly known as the American Field Service, is an international, volunteer-based non-government, non-religious, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding, as well as lifetime connections needed to create a more just and peaceful world.
  5. Junior Earth Saver (JES) – The main objective of this student and civic environmental organization is to motivate students to become responsible people in conserving the environment. It aims to protect, conserve and preserve Mother Nature.
  6. Youth For Christ (YFC) – It is a religious organization that promotes the teachings of the Bible. This organization can be found in almost all colleges and universities and all students can join and participate in their activities.
  7. United Future Educators of Davao (UFED) – This is an organization of Teacher Education in the city of Davao which aims to initiate events that would improve unity among member and hone the talents of the students. Only Education students can join this organization.
  8. Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) – It is the umbrella organization of all medical schools in the country. Students can join this organization as long as he/she is a bonafide medical student.
  9. Junior People Management Association of the Philippine (JPMAP) -A  national youth organization that commits to develop and empower its members to enable them to grow from an academic to a professional level.
  10. ARETE – ADDU Honor Society – It is an organization in Ateneo de Davao University for honor students only. It aims for a holistic growth in academics, spirituality, social involvement, research, and share the paradigm of excellence to the entire Ateneo de Davao Community. In order to become a member, the student must be a consecutive dean’s lister for two years.

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