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Top 10 Most Searched College Courses In 2019

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but what problems they want to solve.” – Jaimie Casap, Chief Education Evangelist of Google Inc.

Gen Z has done a great job in redefining what career is supposed to look like. Ask a student about their dream career, and it’s no longer “just a job” or a next step in a calculated formula for life. It’s a means for something bigger than themselves. It’s making an impact through their skills and interests. (This is the part where we tell you we’re proud of you, kids.)

As we cap off the year, we rounded up the top 10 most popular courses students searched for here at Edukasyon.ph. After all, choosing the right course is a crucial step in pursuing your career. Might as well know which courses got most of the students interested this year. Let’s get to it!


Top 10: Criminology

If promoting peace and order is a crime, professionals in criminology would be guilty as charged. From investigators, police officers to forensic specialist, they make sure to uphold law and justice in any given case. (pun intended)

Interested to take up Criminology? Find a school here.


Top 9: Psychology

Nope, psychology professionals can’t read your mind. But they can read your actions! Primarily by seeing patterns of behavior. When life is too much to process, these trusted confidantes break it down for you piece by piece so you won’t have to. 

Interested to take up Psychology? Find a school here.


Top 8: Aviation

The sky’s the limit for careers in the aeronautics industry. Aviation professionals ensure everything is smooth sailing from takeoff to landing. Flying somewhere soon? You can be part of the flight crew someday, too.

Interested to take up Aviation? Find a school here.


Top 7: Culinary

Food is life. Expression through food is lifer. And culinary experts know it very well! More than just “cooking,” culinary is an art form that reflects one’s history and culture—passed down from one generation to another. You know what they say, every recipe has a story. 

Interested to take up Culinary? Find a school here.


Top 6: Tourism

The world is getting smaller by the day. With more and more people investing on experience over things, tourism is at an all-time high. What’s the story behind a small town? A bustling city? A famous tourist destination? Professionals in the tourism industry got your questions answered. And for the most part, that’s what makes the experience come alive.

Interested to take up Tourism? Find a school here


Top 5: Computer Science

Got a favorite website, mobile app, or video game? You got your software developers and web programmers to thank. These computer geniuses are skilled in programming, algorithms, and database systems to name a few. All of which are in-demand skills in the tech industry.

Interested to take up Computer Science? Find a school here.


Top 4: Business Administration

If the predictions were right, Gen Z is slated to become the most entrepreneurial generation we’ve ever seen. Online shops? Check. Startups? Check. Side-hustles? Check. While it’s always been business as usual, Gen Z entrepreneurs are learning, unlearning, and relearning what makes up a thriving business today. And tbh, they’re pretty good at it. 

Interested to take up Business Administration? Find a school here


Top 3: Information Technology

Not to be interchanged with computer science, this equally cool and in-demand career takes care of information security, database administration, and computer support. You know the famous “IT guy” in movies? Yup, they exist IRL. And they are everyone’s unsung heroes in the office.

Interested to take up Information Technology? Find a school here.


Top 2: Nursing 

A runner up for this year’s most searched courses is *drum roll, please* nursing! Caring for people, apparently, will never go out of style. Aside from working side by side with doctors, nurses go round the clock to make sure patients’ needs are well-taken care of. True life-savers!

Interested to take up Nursing? Find a school here


Top 1: Accountancy

The numbers are in! Accountancy takes our #1 spot in the most searched courses this 2019. No question in that though since accountants are needed in both public and private sectors. Taxes, auditing, and bookkeeping tasks? They got it all accounted for. (pun intended) 

Interested to take up Accountancy? Find a school here


That’s it for 2019 college course roundup! As the new year comes along, we hope you’ll get a fresh perspective on the problems you want to solve and the impact you want to make. And the answer to what course to pick? It will follow. So does who you want to be when you grow up. 

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