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Top 4 Schools In Mindanao, According To The Medical Technologist Boards

Do you want to be a Medical Technologist? (Since you’re here, we’ll assume it’s a yes!)

Medical Technology, or MedTech, is one of the most in-demand medical fields in the country. Not only do registered medical technologists perform lab investigations one after another, but they also play a crucial role in medical breakthroughs. Think cures to age-old diseases! Sounds like a job for superheroes, right?

If you’re up for the challenge and are looking for schools that can train you for the job, we shortlisted schools in Mindanao a.k.a. the “land of promise.” These schools have been performing well in the recent Medical Technologist Board Exams. Go ahead and check out a prospect school!


Adventist Medical Center College (AMC College)

Formerly called the Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital College of Medical Arts Foundation, Inc. (MSH-CMAFI), this medical school started out as a dream to produce more paramedical professionals in Iligan City. True enough, AMC College has then focused on training aspiring healthcare professionals in the region. In fact, the majority of its undergraduate offerings are health science programs. Talk about dedication!

AMC College’s MedTech program is one of the eight health science-related undergraduate programs in the school, alongside courses such as Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Radiologic Technology.

AMC College’s MedTech board exam ranking:


School Ranking

Lanao del Norte

1st out of 2 schools

Northern Mindanao

3rd out of 6 schools


70th out of 107 schools


San Pedro College (SPC)

Established in 1956, SPC has been a leading medical school in Mindanao. It’s been consistently ranking in the national licensure exams for MedTech, as well as Nursing, Pharmacy, and Respiratory Therapy. SPC’s achievements come as no surprise though since the college started as a nursing school of San Pedro Hospital, the first Catholic hospital in Mindanao! 

At present, SPC offers a MedTech course for both bachelor’s and master’s degree. That means you can pursue both levels in one school! Why not, right?

P.S. Did you know that SPC helped establish Mindanao’s first school of medicine, the Mindanao Davao Medical School Foundation? 

SPC’s MedTech board exam ranking:


School Ranking


1st out of 3 schools


17th out of 107 schools


Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ)

For more than 70 years, UZ has produced highly competent paramedical professionals in Zamboanga. In fact, approximately 20% of the college student population in Western Mindanao is enrolled in this university. Finding a UZ campus near you should be easy, too, since it already has eight campuses scattered around the region!

If you’re interested in pursuing MedTech in this university, you can consider the School of Allied Medicine as your new home. 

UZ’s MedTech board exam ranking:


School Ranking

Zamboanga del Sur

2nd out of 4 schools

Zamboanga Peninsula

2nd out of 5 schools


49th out of 107 schools


University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC)

Another school in Mindanao with a long history of academic excellence is… you guessed it, UIC! (By “long history,” we literally mean more than a century!) This university started in 1905 and has been consistently offering quality education from its preschool to postgraduate studies.

UIC’s MedTech program is offered in the Fr. Selga campus, alongside other departments such as information technology, nursing, music, nutrition & dietetics, pharmacy, and the Graduate School.

P.S. If you’re interested in taking postgraduate studies in MedTech, UIC started offering its Master of Science in Medical Technology program in S.Y. 2018-2019. Perfect timing!

UIC’s MedTech board exam ranking:


School Ranking


2nd out of 3 schools


28th out of 107 schools


Overview of the Top 4 Performing Schools in Mindanao based on the PRC’s Medical Technologist Licensure Exam from 2016-2018





Adventist Medical Center College Mar- 10th (84.38%)

San Pedro College Aug- 6th (97.53%) Mar- 5th (94.17%)

Sep- 7th (95.98%)

Universidad de Zamboanga Mar- 7th (89.66%) Feb- 6th (87.50%)
University of the Immaculate Conception Aug- 7th (97.44%) Feb- 4th (90.22%) Sep- 9th (95.65%)


Being a medical technologist takes a lot of hard work, determination, and skillswhat with all the research and medical lab tests you have to do here and there. That’s why choosing the best school is a crucial decision. Whether it’s one of these four schools in Mindanao or otherwise, we hope you take your time and carefully weigh your options. The right MedTech school for you will surely come around!

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