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Top 5 Performing Schools In The Mechanical Engineering Board Exam

Whether you realize it or not, mechanical engineering has made things more efficient and convenient for us. Just think about it!

From home appliances to elevators to car engines (even power plants!), we have our mechanical engineers to thank! While the field’s application has made life easier for us, getting a degree in mechanical engineering is no walk in the park!

Being a certified mechanical engineer requires hard work, analytical and technical skills, and a whole lot of wisdom in choosing the right school! Don’t you just want to get trained in the best school out there? (We know ya do!)

If you feel like this is the right career for you, we recommend these top performing schools in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam. These schools are recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), and we’re pretty sure it can bring out the mechanical engineer in you! Are you ready?


Batangas State University (BSU)

Often referred to as BatStateU, BatSU, or simply BSU (let’s go with the shortest!), this state university was first established as a training school for woodworking. With more than a hundred years of academic excellence, BSU is recognized as the oldest higher institution in Batangas. It has over eleven campuses across the province and launched a new Mabini campus in 2018.

BSU offers a BS Mechanical Engineering degree under the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Fine Arts with a Level lll accreditation from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), as well as a Center of Development (COD) recognition from the College of Higher Education (CHED). Isn’t that awesome?

BSU’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:


School Ranking


3 out of 6


3 out of 18


6 out of 132


Saint Louis University (SLU)

If you live up north or are planning to study there, then you might want to check out SLU! This private research university is located in Baguio City and is considered the largest university in the north with more than 30,000 students from elementary to graduate studies. SLU also prides itself with CHED accreditations in the fields of nursing, information technology, teacher education, medical technology, and more. Now, that’s quality education guaranteed!

If you’re all set to take up mechanical engineering, SLU offers this course in the School of Engineering and Architecture. Did we mention it’s also a CHED Center of Development?

SLU’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:


School Ranking

Cordillera Administrative Region

1 out of 2


29 out of 132


Technological University of the Philippines (TUP)

With more than a hundred years of pioneering engineering technology and industrial teacher education in the country, TUP’s proven track record is not one to be dismissed. This co-education state university can be found in multiple campuses across the country, specifically located in Batangas, Cavite, Taguig, Quezon, and the Visayas. The latter being a topnotch school in engineering education as well! The licensure exams can attest to this, promise.

Looking forward to being a mechanical engineer? TUP Manila and TUP Visayas offer BS Mechanical Engineering! Plus, they also have cool diploma programs you can choose from. Think automotive and refrigeration and air-conditioning technology!

TUP Manila’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Metro Manila

7 out of 24


27 out of 132

TUP Visayas’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Negros Occidental

1 out of 5

Western Visayas

2 out of 13


24 out of 132


University of Batangas (UB)

Another top performing school from Batangas is (drum roll, please!)… UB! Formerly known as Western Philippine College, this private university was established in 1946. It’s been a home of the champions” a.k.a. for students who want quality education that is both ISO-certified and accredited by CHED and the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). Did you know UB has one of the most PACUCOA accredited programs in the country?

Since its establishment in 1978, you can take up a course in mechanical engineering under the College of Engineering. And if you do, brace yourself for some real training!

UB’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:


School Ranking


5 out of 6


9 out of 18


57 out of 132


University of Santo Tomas (UST)

If you want to be a Thomasian mechanical engineer, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! Being one of the top schools in the country, UST also holds a track record of academic excellence in various fields of study—and yes, specifically in mechanical engineering. With more than 400 years under its belt, you can count on its CHED and PACUCOA accredited programs to give you nothing less but quality education at its best. (Is this the part where we chant ‘Go, USTe’?)

Going for mechanical engineering? It’s right in the university’s Faculty of Engineering! Not only is it a CHED COD, but it’s also granted a PAASCU Level lll accreditation. Awesome!

UST’s MechEng Board Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Metro Manila

6 out of 24


26 out of 132


Overview of the Top 5 Performing Schools in the PRC’s Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam from 2017-2019





Batangas State University

Mar- 1st (100%)

Mar- 2nd (98.51%)*

Feb- 1st (99.15%)

Aug- 6th (85.33%)

Feb- 1st (90.15%)

Saint Louis University

Sep- 9th (86.47%)

Aug- 5th (85.34%)

Technological University of the Philippines

Sep- 3rd (92.77%)**

Sep- 4th (91.28%)

Aug- 2nd (88.08%)

Aug- 10th (80.30%)**

University of Batangas

Sep- 5th (88.89%)


Feb- 3rd (80.58%)

University of Santo Tomas

Sep- 7th (88.24%)

Aug- 4th (87.18%)


*Batangas campus

**Visayas campus


Being a professional mechanical engineer (or any type of engineer, tbh) is not for the faint of heart. Long nights and challenging semesters are a given, but a good school almost always does its job in preparing you well for it. So make your choice count! Choosing the right school is one step towards getting that license. Choose wisely. You got this, future mechanical engineer!

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