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Top 5 Performing Schools In The Nursing Licensure Examination

A Filipino’s natural care for other people, combined with a strong sense of responsibility, makes a good reason why nursing is one of our strong suits as working professionals.

The demand for Filipino nurses continues to rise, both locally and abroad. Simply put, we’re wanted everywhere! Do you want to be a nurse too? Aside from providing patients with medication and treatment, nurses also care for healthy people through preventive healthcare and wellness information. Sounds like a real hero, right?

If you have a heart for this job, then the next step is choosing the right school to prep you to become the best nurse in the field! For starters, schools that consistently perform well in the annual Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)’s Nursing Licensure Examination might just be your best pick! Ya ready to find your future alma mater?


Bicol University-Legazpi (BU)

Established in 1969, this university has been home to Bicol’s finest scholars (they’re called for Bueños!) for five decades. This ISO-certified university is recognized as the first state university in the region, after merging six educational institutions such as Bicol Teachers College and Albay High School to name a few. Now, BU is comprised of seven campuses in the East, Daraga, Gubat, Guinobatan, Legazpi, Polangui, and Tabaco.

Being one of the leading SUCs in the country, BU holds CHED accreditations in fisheries, teaching, research, and… ya know it, nursing! If you’re taking nursing in BU, you can choose from its Legazpi, Polangui, and Tabaco campus which offer both regular and ladderized courses in nursing. Talk about options, options, options!

BU’s Nursing Licensure Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Albay 1 out of 9
Bicol Region 3 out of 17
Philippines 81 out of 317


Mariano Marcos State University-Batac (MMSU)

Just like in the case of BU, this university was borne out of a merger but this time with two state colleges, the Mariano Marcos Memorial College of Science and Technology (MMMCST) in Batac and the Northern Luzon State College (NLSC) in Laoag City!

Since its establishment in 1978, MMSU has been serving the Ilocos region with its course offerings in 11 colleges plus a law school and graduate school! (If you’re gonna go for MMSU, you can find ’em in Batac City, Currimao, Dingras, Laoag City, and Paoay.) Are ya ready to take up nursing in MMSU? Both bachelors and masters in nursing are offered!

MMSU’s Nursing Licensure Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Ilocos Norte 1 out of 4
Ilocos Region 1 out of 23
Philippines 25 out of 317


Saint Louis University (SLU)

If you’re dead set on being a registered nurse, then SLU might just interest you! Located in Baguio City, this private university offers a nursing degree from bachelors to doctoral studies. It’s also well-recognized for its consistent performance in the boards, as well as CHED accreditations in nursing and various fields of study.

Aside from its proven track record in academic excellence, SLU also offers a hands-on approach to learning through its programs such as the Nursing Health Development Program (NHDP). NHDP is SLU’s first and longest-running college-based extension program which provides health care to underprivileged communities. Sounds like a good training ground for you, right? We’re pretty sure it is!

SLU’s Nursing Licensure Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Benguet 2 out of 7
Cordillera Administrative Region 2 out of 12
Philippines 22 out of 317


University of Santo Tomas (UST)

Established in 1611, UST’s looong history of academic excellence (read: 407 years, that is) extends to the field of nursing! That’s good news for you if you want to study nursing in this premier university. Aside from being recognized by CHED as a Center of Excellence (COE) in nursing, UST also prides itself in maintaining its 100% passing rate in the PNLE throughout the years. Do you want to keep the tradition alive? (No pressure, really. Think of it as motivation!)

Should you give UST a try, their BS in Nursing degree is offered under the College of Nursing located at the St. Martin de Porres Building. We say go for it!

UST’s Nursing Licensure Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Metro Manila 1 out of 51
Philippines 1 out of 371


West Visayas State University-La Paz (WVSU)

Are you living in the Visayas or wanting to study there? Then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! Formerly known as Iloilo Normal School in 1924, WVSU is one of the leading universities in the fields of nursing, medicine, and teacher education. (And just in case you needed proof, its nursing degree boasts of a CHED COE recognition and a AACCUP Level IV accreditation. Talk about quality education!)

If you’re interested to study in WVSU, the College of Nursing offers a BS in Nursing course for undergraduate studies, and a graduate level programs through the Master of Arts in Nursing courses where you can major in Nursing Education or Nursing Administration. Take your pick!

WVSU’s Nursing Licensure Exam Ranking:

Scope School Ranking
Iloilo 1 out of 6
Western Visayas 1 out of 20
Philippines 22 out of 317


Overview of the Top 5 Performing Schools in the PRC’s Nursing Licensure Exam from 2016-2018

School 2016 2017 2018
Bicol University- Legazpi Jun- 2nd (89.02%) Jun- 3rd (84.47%) Jun- 3rd (89.19%)
Mariano Marcos State University- Batac Nov- 3rd (98.55%) Nov- 4th (97.92%) Nov- 3rd (96.25%)
Saint Louis University Nov- 2nd (98.84%) Nov- 2nd (99.39%) Nov- 2nd (98.52%)
University of Santo Tomas Nov- 1st (100%) Nov- 1st (100%) Nov- 1st (100%)
West Visayas State University- La Paz Jun- 1st (100%) Jun- 2nd (99.21%) Jun- 1st (100%)


Nursing is more than just caring for people, it’s providing them opportunities to live well-meaning lives in good health so they can do more and achieve more. You have the power to do that! Choose the right school for you, and get trained to be the best nurse out there. The world’s just waiting for you, future nurse!

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