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Top 5 Reasons to Study Agriculture

The Philippines is endowed with a tropical climate perfect to support the growth of a very diverse flora and fauna. Over the centuries, agriculture has played a great contribution to the nation’s economy by providing foreign exchange income. In 2017 alone, export products like coconut, copper, metals, and other minerals have accounted for billions of dollars to the country’s trade earnings.


However, despite being an agricultural nation, students tend to shy away from agriculture. One of the common misconceptions about this field is that it is limited to farming and animal husbandry only. Contrary to popular belief, agriculture provides a wide range of career opportunities for students so studying agriculture could also be a way for you to find success. Still uncertain? Here are some interesting reasons to study agriculture:

Agriculture is the past, present, and the future

Since the beginning of time, agriculture is among the primary sources of livelihood for Filipinos and it still is up to now. In fact, to cater to the increasing market demand, more and more agri courses are being established. The #GoOrganic trend nowadays is another good reason to consider. People are looking for more natural and healthier food and lifestyle alternatives. With a degree in agriculture, you will not only be able to earn but more importantly, become a part in the creation of an environmentally sustainable community.

A gateway to entrepreneurship

Different success stories of people who have found their fortune in agriculture prove that this field, like any other industries, can be profitable. Courses like Agribusiness and Agricultural Economy can help you prepare if you are planning to start a career or run a family business. These courses are concerned with the production of crops and livestock for mass consumption. Since food is a basic commodity, agriculture can provide you with lifelong opportunities for employment.

Agriculture involves new technologies

When someone mentions agriculture, it is common to think of an image of a farmer working with a carabao in a field. But recent advancements in science and technology have brought new machineries and equipment to help people. These innovations have contributed greatly in ensuring the quality of crops, creating new plant strains that are more immune to diseases, and producing more products under varied weather conditions. If you are fascinated with science or just love working with meaningful technologies, agriculture can be a great avenue to pursue your passion.


Wanted: new generation of agriculturists

In an article published by IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks) in 2013 Filipino farmers – a dying breed?, Asterio Saliot, director of the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) said that the average age of the Filipino farmer is 57. Assuming that the average lifespan is 70, the country might reach a “critical” shortage of farmers in just 15 years. But agriculture is an essential part of the economy that cannot be neglected. In the coming years, there will be a growing need for farmers, horticulturists, agronomists and other related careers where you can settle.

Career advancements

As part of the government’s strategies in addressing the gap concerns, there are plenty of agricultural scholarships that are made available for the youth to help them in pursuing degrees in agriculture. Employees who are working in the Department of Agriculture and in related jobs are encouraged to further their education through MA and Doctorate scholarship programs, research fundings, trainings, and study abroad opportunities. Whether you want to work in the field, inside a lab, or any other environment, agriculture can be a great opportunity for you to explore and grow!


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