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Top College Courses for a Job in the Food and Beverage Service Industry

Based on a report released by the Business Wire, the manufacturing industry accounts as the country’s top economic growth contributor, with the Food and Beverage Service sector playing a significant role in it. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors in the country.


There are a number of courses that you can take if you are eyeing a career in the food or drink industry scene. However, it is still important to know which courses can best prepare you for the job that you are targeting, since course expertise vary. Here’s a list of college courses that you can consider:

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management is a four-year course that equips students not only with relevant knowledge and skills, but also the right attitude in providing hospitality services. You will learn how to manage a business, control production costs and stocks, and handle guests. Graduating from this course can help you become a hotelier or restaurateur in the future. The Lyceum of the Philippines University, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, and University of San Carlos are some of the leading universities that offer this program.

Culinary Arts

Interested in creating mouthwatering recipes? Taking a culinary arts program will help you learn practical skills that you can apply inside the kitchen. Culinary Arts is geared to provide students with the proper training to handle kitchen equipment, food preparation, sanitation, and presentation. Graduating from this course and earning required certifications can help you become a chef. Schools like the Center for Asian Culinary Studies and the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management provide degree courses for the program.

Food Technology

Food is one of the largest components of the manufacturing industry and Food Technology is a course that will help propel students a career in this lucrative industry. It focuses on the scientific process of procuring raw materials down to distributing final products like creating flavors, designing food appearances, checking storage, and quality control. You will work primarily with the manufacturing equipment and do laboratory procedures to ensure the safety and quality of food and beverage products that will be served in the market. The University of the Philippines – Los Banos and Batangas State University has food tech courses that you can check out.


Have you ever imagined yourself running a business or perhaps, following the trails of Jollibee and starting your own food chain company? Why not consider a course in Entrepreneurship? Studying this course will give you the right set of skills to be successful in your career. You’ll discover how to put up and manage a business, promote your product, and monitor your finances. Being adept in these areas can give you a valuable edge on any company, whether it’s your own or not. Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University are just some of the universities in the country that are CHED-recognized as Centers of Excellence in the field.


Nutrition and Dietetics

A bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics will teach you how to plan, implement, monitor, and record healthy nutrition programs for consumers. Graduating from this course will provide you with a lot of career opportunities such as Food Service Manager, Nutritionist, or Menu Planner; and have a chance to work in food and drink corporations like Nestlé. You have to pass the Licensure Examination for Nutritionist-Dietician first before you can become a registered professional. Benguet State University’s programs in Nutrition and Dietetics have been awarded by CHED as a Center of Development.


Business Management

Being in a Food and Beverage industry does not only include working on the meals or products, it also includes managing people that are part of the daily operations. A degree in Business Management will provide you with knowledge in training people, optimizing resources, and running operations. You will be exposed to various business processes such as logistics, marketing, manufacturing, and quality control. There are a number of business schools in the country that you can consider.


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