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Want to Work from Home? These Business-Related Courses Can Help

To call the current job market volatile would be a bit of an understatement.

Thanks to quarantine measures, numerous businesses have had to put their operations on ice. Companies have had to restructure their workforce, and in some cases, let a number of its employees go. And for most people, home now has to double as an office.

Although freelancing and working from home was already quite widespread before quarantine came along, only now is it becoming the default mode of working. So, if you want to be able to find a job in the near future, you better start building up the skills that are necessary for work-from-home jobs.

One of the ways to do this is to take some online courses that can help equip you with the tools you need to succeed in a work-from-home environment. The adjustment to a work-from-home setup can be quite jarring, what with no longer having fixed hours or a boss constantly leaning over you. Taking online courses will not only teach you some important skills to help you land a work-from-home job but also give you an idea of how to go about meeting deadlines and dealing with online meetings, so you go into your job with eyes wide open.

Here are some business-related courses that will make you a perfect fit for the in-demand work-from-home jobs available today:

Accountancy and Finance

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In a world that is all about the money and numbers, companies will always need to have accounting and finance people to make sure all of the books are in order. Because your work primarily involves calculation and analysis, it is a job that you can easily do from the comforts of your home. Even better, you don’t need any special equipment or technology to get the job done. You’ll just need a handy laptop and calculator.

The best thing about accounting and finance jobs is that these will always be in demand. Taking a course on these subjects will be a long-term boost for your career since it can help you get hired just about anywhere. It’s also useful knowledge for yourself, as you get to apply what you’ve learned to your own personal budgets and financial statements.

Data Analytics

With the rise of digitization and automation, getting your hands on data and information is easier than ever before. What used to take weeks or even months can now be done by an app or a Google search in a few minutes. But with so much information at our fingertips, the next question is how can this information be properly used?

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This is where data analytics comes in. Data scientists crunch numbers for a living, helping make sense of the swirling patterns of data and turning these into tools for problem-solving. Because the job involves working with a lot of statistics and specialized software, it has become one of the most premium and in-demand jobs of the digital age. Getting yourself well-versed in the fundamentals of data analytics is sure to get you a good home-based job, quarantine or not. 

Project Management

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If you’re the type who has always enjoyed putting together events or keeping your life organized with endless binders and to-do lists, a career in project management could be perfect for you. Project managers are in charge of implementing a project plan from the beginning all the way to its execution, making sure that nothing goes wrong. With quarantine measures in place, an additional part of the job description is to keep track of numerous teams working remotely, which is a whole new level of organization altogether.

Although organization skills are definitely a must in the job, project management for business involves many aspects that you don’t usually deal with in everyday life, such as operations and risk management. But no worries, because a project management course will teach you all that and more. You will also learn how to work with different project management software applications, which you might even pick up for your own personal use.


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With most people unable to leave home, Amazon, Lazada, and Grab Delivery have become our best friends during this time. Online shopping and delivery have never been so popular, and people are taking advantage of it. Be it friends selling their own homemade baked goods or starting mask- and face-shield-production initiatives from home, this time has shown us how well and alive the entrepreneurial spirit is.

This could be your chance to finally start the business that you’ve always dreamed of. An online entrepreneurship course will teach you all the basics you need to know when it comes to running a business. Some courses are even specialized to talk specifically about online businesses, which look like they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

To discover the various business-related courses that you can take online, visit the Edukasyon.ph portal.