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What Does It Take To Get Into PMA?

Ever pictured yourself standing alongside the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, among the honorable men and women who serve and protect the country? It’s time to turn that dream into a reality. The first step is to take your four-year course at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

The school will teach you fundamental military skills while building your character, academic skills and physical fitness. Not to mention, you will receive a free college education, monthly salary and allowances, guaranteed job after graduation, and a progressive career as an officer in the Philippine army, navy or air force.

But getting into PMA is a feat in itself; The academy imposes strict requirements to ensure the selection of capable individuals.   

You are qualified if you are:  

  • A natural-born Filipino citizen.
  • At least 5 feet in height (male or female), but not taller than 6’4”.
  • Physically fit.
    • Minimum requirements for the Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
      • Sit-ups
      • Push-ups
      • 3.2 km run
      • Pull-ups (males)/ Flex arm hang (females)
  • Of good moral character, with no criminal case.
  • Single, never been married, and have no legal obligation to care for a child.
  • A high school graduate with an 85% GPA or higher. Grade 12 students can take the entrance test if they will graduate before June 1 of the year following the examination.
  • At least 17 years old but not a day older than 21 years old on June 1 of the year following the examination.   

You are disqualified if you have:

  • Any communicable disease
  • Color blindness
  • Physical deformities
  • Scoliosis
  • Tattoos
  • Other medical conditions as determined by the AFP Medical Board

Got what it takes? Here’s how to apply:

1. Submit application form to the Office of Cadet Admission (OCA). Download the application form (as of 2018) here.

Take the Philippine Military Academy Cadet Qualification Test (PMACQT). The exam is free!

  • What will the exam cover?
      • Algebra and Geometry
      • Grammar and Composition
      • Reading and Comprehension
      • Verbal/Numerical Reasoning
      • Pattern Analysis
    • How long is the exam?
      • 7 am-11 am – administrative aspects such as filling up forms and minimal physical exam
      • 12 nn-4:30 pm – exam proper

3. Receive a written notice from the OCA if you pass.

4. Report to the AFP Medical Center (AFPMC) for a complete physical examination (CPE) of your medical, physical, mental, and emotional condition.

5. If you pass the CPE, you will report to the PMA Liaison Office in AFPMC for final processing on the last week of March.

6. Attend the oath-taking ceremony and reception rites on April 1. This marks your official entry into the academy!

Good luck, future cadet! #ParaSaBayan

Got more questions? Get in touch with the Philippine Military Academy through the following numbers:

  • Tel Nos. (074) 446-8002 / 447-3690 / 447-3292 / 447-3686 local: 6751 or 6752
  • Mobile Phone Nos. 09065466989 / 09284325578