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What is Sports Science All About?

An in-demand field today, Sports Science is an ever-evolving multidisciplinary field which bridges scientific concepts and ideas with sports performance. It tackles the underlying scientific principles of physical activity, from recreational sports to elite sports. Sports Science aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the enhancement of athletic performance, and also injury risk management and elimination. 

What are the subjects I’ll be taking under Sports Science?

The multidisciplinary aspect of Sports Science provides students with a variety of courses to choose from! These specific courses listed below are from the University of the Philippines’ curriculum of Sports Science.

Management of Sports and Recreation Related Services

This course tackles the introduction to management and marketing tools needed for the administration of programs and services related to exercise and fitness, recreational sports, as well as athletics. 

First Aid

This course gives an overview of the theories behind the practice of first aid. It tackles the basic emergency procedures that may occur in daily activities. 

Prevention and Management of Human Movement Related Injuries

As Sports Science aims to reduce risks and prevent injuries, this course provides an introduction of just that. 

Philosophy of Sports and Physical Education

This course emphasizes the relevance of sports in today’s society by discussing philosophical dilemmas that have been affecting sports and physical education throughout history. 

Fundamental Rhythms

This course incorporates music forms and structures that tackles the relation of rhythm to physical movement. 

So why should I take Sports Science?

Besides its increasing demand in today’s society?

For one, it gives you an inside look at sports activities. Through Sports Science, you are able to examine the inner workings of the body, such as how it is impacted by general physical activities. The study allows you to understand how muscles repair themselves, how to avoid injuries, and how to eliminate as many risks as possible. Sports Science paves the way for athletes who have sustained major injuries to recover, rehabilitate, and return to their level of performance.

Quite frankly, you don’t need to be a good athlete or an athlete, to begin with. You just have to be passionate about sports and science! 

What kind of careers can I go into with a Sports Science degree?

Since this course is science-oriented, you’ll definitely be a competitor in the sports industry.

In fact, according to The Guardian, “An increasing number of graduates are being recruited to provide sport-science support for professional athletes, are employed by national governing bodies.”

Common career options include working as an athletic trainer, sports official, or a movement therapist. These are just some options if you want to go towards the coaching route of Sports Science. Additionally, you could go into working as a community health manager or a fitness facility manager.  

You can’t deny the impact of sports in our world today, both in the lives of athletes and non-athletes. Just tune in to your TV, and see how reporters, coaches, players, as well as analysts, get into the game! Sports Science explains all of this through a multidisciplinary lens.

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