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Which of These 5 Types of Fresh Grads Are You?

After all those years in school, it’s finally time to face the real world! And nothing says adulting better than hunting for your first job. Whether you know them or are them, here are five types of fresh grads you’ll hear about.

The Yes Man / Woman

If you’ve ever seen Jim Carrey’s film, Yes Man, this type of fresh grad lives and breathes that mantra. They say yes to just about anything! And they will gladly add it to their to-do list in the name of being accommodating and kind to their peers. They’re comfortable with following the rules in black and white and find solace knowing that certain actions cause certain results.

On the contrary, learning to adapt is a challenge they might often face. While this makes you generally likable amongst your peers, your inability to say no to managers and colleagues can lead to being taken advantage of.

The Siri

Got a question? This fresh grad’s got you covered! We all have that friend who seems to have an answer to everything. They can speak in APA format if need be! Usually, Siri-type fresh grads are those who have stellar academic records and work best behind a screen. They like working solo and, though they tend to be shy, they’ve got a whole world of information in their minds.

Being a Siri means you’re a reliable source of information. However, your tendency to work solo may challenge you to be more relatable and approachable among your colleagues.

The Charmer

Spotting this fresh grad from a mile away isn’t hard to do when hellos happen every so often. Usually, charmers excelled in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and arts during their undergrad years. They’re used to attention and constant chats and do well in fields like Public Relations, Media, or anything involving a lot of communication.

Because charmers are good with people and relations, they also tend to be easily distracted by conversations going on around them.

The Office Diva

Best believe you can count on this fresh grad to come up with globally competitive ideas stemming from their recent Eurotrip. More often than not, office divas come from well-to-do families working outside of the family business for work experience and not to make a living. With their worldly experiences, they’ll do well in roles under business development, marketing, and international relations.

While grand ideas are often appreciated, being the office diva might come as a challenge. You’ll learn that you have to take criticism and start compromising with your colleagues, just like everyone else.

The Dreamer

Whether you’re into numbers, words, or the arts, you’ve got a calling to make the world a better place by doing what you do best! While these world-changing fresh grads may be in various fields, you can be sure to find a lot of dreamers working for an already established social enterprise (like Edukasyon.ph!) or putting up their own organization to champion for an advocacy. For these fresh grads, making a positive impact on the world is their personal mission.

Regardless if you identify with one or are a little bit of some, you can choose what and how you turn out to be. Your first job will give you an idea of where you want to take your career, but wherever that may be, here’s some advice from a few of the mentors we wish we had.

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