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Why Humanities are More Important Now than Ever

With the current issues and headlines in the news today, the demand for change is at its heights. We often hear people saying they want to do something about the government, education system, or even the laws in the country. However, do we really know what change entails? Do we recognise what changing the world actually means for us? If we really do want to spark a change in this world, we must begin by understanding people; and humanities is a good place to start.


Humanities allows us to understand the very basis of society-people. With the prevalence of racism and xenophobia, it is in times like this that we must remember how important it is to understand each others’ differences because this teaches us how to coexist. The world is so diverse. Every day, you meet people from different walks of life. You meet people from different parts of the world and these people may not speak the same language as you, or may not think the same way as you do. Humanities teaches us that we are indeed in the way we dress, speak, and write, but it also teaches us that we share the same home. Moreover, we must learn how to coexist despite differences.

Critical thinking

When it comes to career options, humanities is often the foundation of numerous jobs, from teachers, journalists, lawyers, and politicians. It is the foundation of the change makers in society. It pushes you to not think outside the box but to think what you can do with the box. Studying humanities provides you with a skill set crucial to making decisions that will affect individuals and society as a whole.

Learning never stops

Understanding the importance and beauty of diversity in society are just a few reasons why humanities are important now more than ever. In fact, there are so many reasons but it all boils down to the fact that humanities teaches us that learning never stops. Through studying the different branches of humanities, you begin to broaden your perspective on the pressing issues that matter  to society today. You learn how to think critically about solutions, and you begin to adapt to a progressive mindset. You now know that there is still a lot to learn and that what is out there may just be the missing puzzle piece to achieving what you want— positive change.

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