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Why Mapúa Has the EDGE When It Comes to Online Learning

During the last few hours of 2019, we were all excited to bid the year farewell and welcome the new one. After all, we were welcoming not only a new year but also a new decade.

Right at the start of 2020, though, news about the novel coronavirus broke out. Months later, COVID-19 has already spread to different parts of the world, causing disruption, panic, and anxiety never seen before.

One step that countries have taken to address this global health crisis is to ban large social gatherings, which naturally includes physical schools and institutions. The government has announced that schools will only reopen once a vaccine for COVID-19 has already been found.

In its place, remote learning has taken on the spotlight.

As a student, this news can be overwhelming for you. You know that you must continue your education, but the whole situation seems daunting. Remote and online learning may have been around for quite a while, but they were never used as the main mode of learning—until now.

If you’re feeling a little lost and unsure on how to take the plunge into online learning, we have one smart tip for you: look for schools you can rely on when it comes to this.

This is what Mapúa has been particularly prepared for, even before COVID-19 happened! If you’re looking for the perfect university for your bachelor’s or master’s degree program, here are some of the many reasons that prove Mapúa is built and ready for online learning.

1. It provides a rich online experience with its learning management system.

Since its transformation into a DROID—or a Digital, Research-driven, Outcomes-based, and International Domain in 2017, Mapúa has been taking concrete steps to shift to online learning.

One of their most significant efforts is establishing their very own robust learning management system called Cardinal EDGE. An acronym for “Education in a Digital and Global Environment”, this platform consists of various resources and tools that students like you can use to make your remote learning experience a rich, fruitful, and convenient one!

2.  It knows how to make online learning work.

Before the need for online learning became more evident, Mapúa has been already working to make it not only possible but also productive for their students. It’s way ahead of the pack when it comes to online learning.

It has adopted digital learning and incorporated the use of educational technology tools and resources earlier than other institutions in the country. Because of this, it was able to establish its now robust online learning environment.

Need more convincing? Here are some of the various innovations Mapua University pioneered for online learning:

Cardinal EDGE – This is their very own online learning management system powered by Blackboard. It is a tool that allows for interactive virtual classes and meetings.
Digital Day – This delivers synchronous online lectures to approximately 2,300 students in around 100 classes. Typically, Digital Days are implemented in case of sudden class suspensions caused by Manila-wide events, unforeseen calamities, and threats.
Digital Rush – This refers to the online undergraduate courses scheduled from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The time slots are such because this is designed for students who want to avoid the traffic rush hours.
Mapúa Digital Academics (MDA) – This is the university’s initiative in delivering fully online programs (which we’ll get to later) through Cardinal EDGE.
Full Online Graduate Degree in Engineering – Mapúa is the first to offer a fully online graduate degree in engineering in the Philippines. In 2017, the university first offered the fully online Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering program. Today, it has expanded to other branches such as Master of Science, Master of Information Technology, as well as Bachelor’s Degree programs.

Their online capabilities for synchronous and asynchronous learning can make education accessible for you too! These will help you adjust to online learning faster and easier.

3. It offers fully online Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs through Mapúa Digital Academics (MDA)

Mapúa offers fully online and remote programs through its online education platform MDA. This is a part of their commitment to offer global standards of learning and bolster its world-class quality of education. With this, the university can also reach more students locally and internationally, as well as alternative learners!

It’s also interesting to note that this initiative is primarily borne from the need to create online counterparts of its regular on-campus programs. These solutions are meant to combat common hindrances to continuous and professional learning.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs are fully asynchronous, which means that they are perfect for self-paced learning. With these, you can easily make education fit into your schedule. No need to compromise on your work-life balance!

4. It is recognized for its online learning readiness and expertise.

The university has been gaining popularity globally thanks to its digital transformation efforts. With these, Mapúa has been able to establish leadership in online and digital learning in the Philippines. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognizes these online learning initiatives as well as the university’s valuable insights when it comes to flexible learning.

Most importantly, international firms and organizations like Cengage tagged Mapúa as one of the most digital-ready educational institutions in Asia!

5. It is a top-ranking school

In the 2019 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Asia University Rankings, Mapúa earned a spot in the Rank 401-450. With this, it’s now one of only eight universities in the country to make it to the list!

On top of that, it’s also the first to receive accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (ABET-EAC) in East Asia. The accredited programs are electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer engineering programs.

Partnering with high-caliber schools such as Mapúa for your online learning needs guarantees that you will receive globally recognized education—regardless of the crisis we are facing.

Embracing the new normal of learning with Mapúa

This crisis is tough, but you should find ways to continue your education despite the situation.

Shifting to online learning will have its challenges. However, as long as you find the right school to help you through this difficult time, you will be able to turn your long months of home quarantine into something productive. After all of this is over, you’ll be sure to come out better and smarter than ever!

The present times are scary and the future is uncertain, but we’re here to help you out! For more tips and advice on online learning, check out our blog at Edukasyon.ph, and register now!