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Writing Is My Passion—But I Took Up Accountancy

When I entered college to study Accountancy, I thought I’d never be able to pursue my passion for writing. But here I am.

The day came when I had to stop blaming my parents for choosing my college courseand myself, for my lack of conviction to pursue what I wanted.

But it was not easy at first. It felt like I was betraying myself.

In an alternate universe, I could have been reading Aristotle, speaking to an audience, or writing poems for my next class. But in reality, I was dealing with accounting problems and endlessly clicking calculators.

I thought it was a waste of time—until a professor told our class that Accounting is a form of storytelling, too. When we make financial statements, we create a narrative of a company’s resources and performance. One must also develop strong communication skills to impart accurate and relevant information to the public.

There was a strange pull in my professor’s words. Slowly, I started applying accounting concepts in my life. It also widened my perspective about the course I’m taking.

I took my situation as a challenge to begin anew, like a blank page or a new roll of film. I didn’t have to forget my passion for writing after all. I simply had to make way for another set of dreams.

From Accounting student to part-time writer

If not for my frustration for my non-writing subjects (and several rejections from student publications), I wouldn’t have mustered the courage to send applications as a writer to media outlets and Edukasyon.ph!

I regained my confidence to write when I started getting published in print and online media. Lo and behold, one of my favorite articles was about Accounting students in our college who showcased their writing talents.

While all that sounds cool, I had to deal with the uncool reality of piled up school requirements, quizzes and article deadlines. I’d attend class lectures while my mind was preoccupied with article revisions. It felt like my brain was going to split in half!

Following one’s passion is one thing, making time for it is another. And it’s the most fulfilling job I ever had.

I met people from different backgrounds after becoming an active officer of a socio-cultural organization. I also learned how to edit publication materials and shoot promotional videos.

It was the closest thing I could get to becoming a Communications student.

Along the way, I learned to embrace skills I never knew I had. I discovered the art of multipotentiality, which made me see Accounting as an advantage rather than a burden to my writing.

In the end, I didn’t have to choose between being an Accounting student or a writer.

I can be both.

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