Mythbuster: 5 Most Common Myths in Studying Abroad
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Mythbuster: 5 Common Myths in Studying Abroad

Studying abroad exposes you to a new curriculum, a way of learning, new people, and different cultures. This could give you one of the most life-altering experiences. As studying abroad is not common in our country, only garnering a few thousand students each year, there are a lot of myths going around that may be the reason for your reservations. Here, we’ve gathered the common myths of studying abroad and debunked them one-by-one.


Myth #1: It’s too expensive!

Fact: Yes, studying abroad could get costly! But that always depends on the location and the program you are planning on taking. Nevertheless, there’s always loan plans, financial aids, and scholarships that can help you fund your journey! Some may even go as far as covering your housing and allowance. Studying abroad doesn’t have to get expensive as long as you know how to manage your money and make the most of it.


Myth #2: I can’t speak their native language.

Fact: While it is a bonus if you can speak the native language, most colleges abroad don’t really mind if you can’t. As long as you can understand and speak English well enough, you’re good to go. Most non-English-speaking countries, offer programs depending on your level of fluency so that you can learn the language while studying in English.


Myth #3: My GPA is too low.

Fact: Schools are looking for more than grade-driven robots! While institutions abroad look at your GPA, it is not the only thing they look at. They look for well-rounded students who are driven and passionate into doing what they love, and taking weaknesses not as a failure but as an area for improvement! This is why most people describe the admissions process as holistic.


Myth #4: Employers don’t care about studying abroad.

Fact: Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire international qualifications and cross-cultural competency. Of course, this doesn’t mean that when you do go study abroad you are guaranteed a job. This means that you can package your study abroad journey as a learning experience. If you also happened to learn another language, even better!


Myth #5: It’s too late for me to study abroad.

Fact: While it is advisable to start preparing for your study abroad journey early! It is never too late to go do it! Whether you may be a college student or already working, studying abroad could mean opportunities both in your undergraduate and postgraduate journey.


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