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4 Christmas Albums To Get You In The Holiday Vibe

Great food, check.

Good company, check.

Over-extended family members under one roof, check. (You know we’re right.)

With all of these things ticked off, the holiday season won’t still be complete without the holiday tunes to set the mood. From the classic holiday music to the newly released beats, a good Christmas playlist is a must for a festive gathering. Don’t worry, we can help with that!

Of course, the adults would leave the playlist to the young ones a.k.a. you! If you need some recommendations, don’t worry. We’ve got four holiday albums handpicked for you!


“Christmas and Chill” by Ariana Grande

Who doesn’t know Ariana Grande? If you’ve never heard of her (read: we need to talk) then you have at least heard some of her viral hits like “Bang Bang” or “Almost is Never Enough”. But did you know that she has an entire Christmas EP? And we’re not just talking classics like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. Ari also has mix pop with relaxing lo-fi beats to complete the song list.

The album includes songs that are catchy, but not too catchy to the point of distraction. That makes it a perfect background in any gathering! Or if you’re doing a quick study over the holidays, it can also calm you while reading handouts and writing essays. (Caution: limit the head bopping and humming if you’re in a public study place)


“Christmas EP” by Daniela Andrade

If you’re not into pop music, Daniela Andrade’s indie/folk music can be an alternative. Her acoustic song covers like “Say” and “La Vie En Rose” put her in the spotlight with over millions of followers on YouTube. If you hang around Youtube long enough, you might end up watching one of her videos!

Daniela’s Christmas album includes soft and mellow covers of classic Christmas hits like “Santa Baby” and “Let It Snow.” Be careful of sleepy eyes though if you choose this album because her soothing voice got that charm.  Should you want a chill study session this holiday break, this EP playing in the background (and a cup of coffee, of course!) sounds perfect.


“Peanuts Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi Trio

Unlike the past two albums I have listed, “Peanuts Christmas” is a classical instrumental album containing all of the top Christmas songs from the Peanuts franchise. Should you be gunning for complete and utter focus while writing out your essay or solving that math problem set, this album is the perfect fit for your student needs. Better yet, it may put you in a festive and jolly mood as you reminisce about scenes from the Peanuts movies.

So you’re easily distracted with background music but wants one to set the mood? Well, an instrumental album should be the right one for you. Vince Guaraldi Trio released an album called “Peanuts Christmas” full of holiday beats—minus the words to keep you focused. Now, you can can enjoy a festive and jolly mood while studying hard or chatting it out with your family and friends.

P.S. Bonus points for bringing back the feels from the Peanuts movies!


“Lo-Fi Christmas” (playlist) by multiple artists

Okay, you want to listen to a bunch of artists in one go. We still got you! Technically, this last album recommendation isn’t an album. It’s a playlist of lo-fi songs available on Spotify and YouTube. With remixes of classic Christmas songs and a ton of originals, a lo-fi holiday music is a no-fail way to make your mood better.

Mind you, this playlist also skips the lyrics with its smooth instrumentals. It’s the perfect choice to anyone who wants to magically transport themselves to Christmas town (even if just for a couple of hours) without moving an inch.


With all these albums (and a playlist), we hope that your Christmas gatherings and quick study sessions be filled with warmth, joy, and groove. If you want to read more articles like this, check out our Commune blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!