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4 Myths About Environmental Jobs That You Probably Believe

So you think that being a nature lover is boring? Think again.

Environmentalists are the people who lead eco-friendly initiatives that save the oceans, forests, and the animals in it. Ultimately, they save the future of mankind, too. They’re our unsung heroes! 

As much as we want to praise their efforts, there are persistent myths that block us from getting to know them more. By debunking myths about environmentalists, we can spark conscious change and eventually raise awareness about their life-saving work. It’s about time they get the attention they deserve. 

Here are four myths about environmental work that we need to break ASAP:


Myth #1: “You need to be a scientist to be an environmentalist…”

You don’t need to be a scientist to be an environmentalist. It doesn’t matter if your course or job has zero connection with marine conservation, forestry, or sustainability management. There’s no degree requirement to be able to protect the planet.

There’s a travel photographer who champions zero waste lifestyle and a student who fights for climate change. You can be an environmentalist, too—in your own ways. Perhaps you’ve started saying no to single-use plastics. Or you’ve been buying clothes from ethical fashion brands. Caring for the environment doesn’t require fancy titles or degrees, your passion and willingness to help however you can.


Myth #2: “Environmental work = tree planting activities”

Just to set the record straight, we love trees. As a matter of fact, we’re a bunch of tree-huggers!

But it’s important to know that there are countless movements and projects—other than tree planting activities—that our environmentalists also pursue. The next time you talk to your eco-warrior  friend, ask about coral reef restoration projects or birdlife conservation campaigns in the country. Making an effort to widen your view about various environmental issues is much more fulfilling than you think. 


Myth #3: “Environmental work is for adults…”

Young people all over the world are making headlines for taking their climate strike protests to the streets. This proves that age doesn’t matter when it comes to environmental conservation, that you don’t need to reach puberty before you can rescue our dear Mother Earth. 

No matter what other people say, your actions can create a strong impact in the world. A simple post on social media can engage thousands of people to join a coastal cleanup in your barangay. Your letters can reach the attention of our leaders. You can join a tree planting activity and even host a fund-raising activity for wildlife conservation. Yes, you can!

Repeat louder for the people in the back: Environmental work is for everyone.


Myth #4:“Saving the environment is a lost cause…”

It’s easy to feel small when you’re fighting for a cause bigger than yourself. There are moments when you will doubt yourself. You’ll ask yourself what’s the point of saving the oceans or the forests. People will keep making the same mistakes all over again, anyway.

But what if they decide to change?

What if they saw your post about the harm brought by plastic straws to marine life? What if they realized that the Amazon forest lends us the oxygen we breathe. They can change their habits because you believed in your cause. Just imagine the effect if your friends, and the friends of your friends, hopped on your advocacy. Together, you’ll make a huge difference. 


There’s no magic word that can reverse our past misdeeds towards nature, but we can make better decisions at present.. Sure, the Earth’s natural resources are slowly reaching its tipping point. The moment you’re reading this article, climate change is happening. But with our collective efforts and willingness to change, we can still save the world, one step at a time. There is hope! And it starts with you. 

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