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5 Relationships To Keep In Your College Life

No man is an island.

As cliché as it may sound, the truth remains that people are made for connections. Just take a look at social media, and just about every moment that we’re reminded ~it’s a small world after all~!

And you know this by heart because your mother’s friend’s sister has a colleague at work who happens to have the same last name as you and has a daughter who’s now your college BFF because you were stuck next to each other on the first day of class… or something like that. Get the picture?

With the advent of technology, it’s super easy to connect and know people! It’s not just human nature to want to build relationships, it’s also very helpful in life. After all, there are things you’re simply better off doing together. The challenge, however, is choosing which relationships are worth keeping.

Throughout your college life, here are 5 relationships you ought to keep:


1. Batchmates

There’s a reason why college freshies are given bloc sections! All throughout college, consider your batchmates as your heaven-sent support group who will understand every struggle you go through in the department and will celebrate with you for that hard-earned grade!! #keepthebatchunityalive

students holding his grades


2. Titos and Titas in the Office

Every extrovert knows their highly-sociable self has its perks a.k.a. being friends with the titos and titas in the office. Imagine an error in your academic records that needs to be fixed ASAP? You can count on your friendlies to willingly lend you a hand, plus a chika to keep you from getting bored while waiting! (read: Age. Is. Just. A. Number.)

man listening


3. Orgmates

Anyone can make friends, but not everyone gets to be friends with people they can work AND have fun with at the same time. Although the org life isn’t for everyone, the BS Org people (iykwim!) know that when acads-slash-life happens, there are bros and sisses to count on. *cue batch song*

friend asking for help


4. Academic Adviser

To get things straight, your adviser is for you to consult and ask help from—not to ghost and hide from #realtalk. While not everyone can keep their calm in front of their academic advisers, and just the mention of their names scream D E A D L I N E S, these are people you can depend on to guide you on your academics. Sometimes, they’re in it for some life lessons too!

Yoda from Star Wars


5. College BFFs

Blessed are those who find their ~constants~ in life. College can be a tough journey. Good thing you don’t have to go through it alone! Do you have friends (read: not just Hi-hello friends okay) who can talk, laugh, cry (or ugly cry), encourage and even correct you day in and day out? If you do, you’ve got yourself a keeper. If not yet, what are you waiting for? It’s NEVER too late to find your bes!


Between the first day of college and the last, what makes all the difference isn’t much with the experiences you had as it is with the relationships you built throughout the years. College life is #bettertogether! Make sure you keep these relationships— even after you say bye-bye to the student life.

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