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5 World-Class Filipinos Who Made the Headlines in 2019

We’re calling it. Filipinos are born to make the headlines.

Whether locally or abroad, different publications released news on print and on social media about exemplary Filipinos who raised our flag in their own professions. While it’s no news to see our countrymen bring pride to our country, it’s always worth celebrating.

Here’s to five of the many Filipinos who made us proud in 2019:


Carlos Edriel Yulo, gymnast

Even before the Southeast Asian(SEA) games started, Carlos had already appeared in the headlines for winning bronze and gold medals at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships. 

He’s the first male Filipino and Southeast Asian gymnast to win a bronze medal for the floor exercises in 2018, and another gold medal this 2019. With his excellent performance in the competition, we can’t help but look forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!


John Gokongwei Jr., entrepreneur

Late Mr. Gokongwei’s life was not your ordinary rags-to-riches story. His life of hard work and perseverance built the name every Filipino is familiar with. Growing up selling peanuts to make ends meet, he was a proof that dreams—when fueled by actions—will someday be a reality.

Today his legacy still lives in the business empire he created from the ground up. From communications, retail, manufacturing, to air travel, Mr. Gokongwei was and will always be a part of the Filipino workforce.


Jose Saguban, farmer

When you think of chocolates, the first things that would come to mind would probably be Swiss or Belgian. You know, the usual brands you see on a a grocery shelf. In 2019, our very own Jose Saguban, brought our beans to the international scene (read: Paris, to be exact) by winning one of the spots for the World’s Best Cacao Beans by Cocoa of Execellence. Amazing!


Mimiyuuh, social media influencer

One mention of “Mimiyuuuh,” and we’re all bursting with laughter. Jeremy Sancebuche a.k.a Mimi is a local Filipino vlogger who became famous for creating funny Youtube videos. He quickly filled our social media feeds with videos and challenges. Specifically, the Dalagang Pilipina and Kahit Ayaw Mo Na stints. After a whirlwind 2019 for this favorite public figure, he has already collaborated with a lot of famous influencers and international designers.

P.S. If you’re lost in traffic, let Mimiyuuuh’s voice in the Waze app guide you!


Roger Casugay, surfer

Last but not least, we have another SEA games representative who made the headlines! Roger Casugay, a Filipino surfer, helped his fellow athlete Arhip Nurhidayat when his surboard leash broke during the competition.

Despite putting his gold medal on the line, Casugay did not hesitate to rescue the Indonesian surfer. Indonesian president Joko Widodo expressed his appreciation for the Pinoy’s heroic deed. Now, that’s real sportsmanship!


These are just five of the many Filipinos who made us proud to be Pinoy this year. Got any names you wish we included in the list? Send them to us! You can also read more of our 2019 roundups. If you want more articles like this, check out our Commune blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!