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A Young Filipino’s Alternative Travel Checklist

You probably came across this post while searching for a study abroad travel checklist. Maybe you were looking for a complete rundown of what types of clothing and toiletries to pack.

But this list is different. These are things that you probably didn’t even think you needed.

As international students, you will be exposed to opportunities to immerse yourself in a different cultureand to share your own. Thus, bringing a slice of home will be useful, especially at social gatherings when you need to share stories about your country or spark interest during friendly conversations.

Complete this checklist and see how it can make your study abroad experience a more meaningful one!

Review on your home country’s history, culture, and current events

Before leaving to study abroad, make sure to refresh your memory on Philippine history and culture, including current events. Remember that people will always be interested in your home country. Plus, such topics are usually great conversation starters!

You can talk about good places to visit, food, customs and traditions, and even Filipino films that show our talent, rich history, and culture.

Also it’s important to know about current events, especially those involving the Philippines. When asked, you would not want to sound unconcerned or uninformed about what is happening in your own country.

Learn Filipino recipes

Food is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to share your culture to foreign friends. Learn how to prepare some basic Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang, or tinola, which you can share to your fellow students. Cooking your favorite local dishes will also help you avoid getting homesick easily.

Tip: There is a high chance that some common ingredients here in the Philippines (like sinigang mix) are impossible to find in the country you’re going to. So it’s a good idea to stock up on these local condiments before you go abroad.  

Bring some national wear

No, we don’t exactly mean a Filipiniana dress or Barong Tagalog. We’re talking about faint pieces of clothing and accessories like bags or jewelry that exhibits Filipino artistry and craftsmanship. It would be good to wear these during special occasions for a subtle show of Filipino pride.

Know how to play some national games and sports

Be prepared to share some simple yet uniquely Filipino games and activities for parties or small events. This is surely a fun and interesting way to impart some Filipino values to your friends.

You can suggest games with simple mechanics and only a few materials needed like chinese garter, piko, or even improvise with sipa. These local games might sound too common for you but wait ‘til your foreign friends try it!

Embody the Filipino spirit

Try to demonstrate the Filipino spirit wherever you go. You can do this by simply showing warmth and hospitality to your guests and bringing out the essence of Bayanihan through offering help, no matter how little.

When the time comes that you have to leave, go ahead and leave some Filipino memorabilia that your friends can remember you by. Tip: Buy a few keychains, braided bracelets, or any trinkets with a Filipino twist, and give them away as a remembrance before you go home.  

Your study abroad experience is not just a learning opportunity but also a chance to represent your home country. Inspire people by showing how a young Filipino like you can be an excellent ambassador even in your short time as an international student. This way, you will leave a good lasting impression not just for yourself but for the Philippines as well.

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