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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Sharing A Post Online 

Don’t fall victim to fake news. 

Maybe this is the best precautionary measure you should keep in mind when browning on social media at a time when misinformation is rampant online. 

For students pre-pandemic times, they rejoiced whenever they saw class suspension announcements. But without examining the source of the information, most of the time they were falling victim to false information. It turned out that there was no suspension of classes so they missed important activities and exams in school. We don’t want that to happen again so we’re here to help you out! Especially in these times when information about the deadly COVID-19 is very crucial. 

We’re all against the false things on social media. It misleads people and makes the world less informed. But you can do your part bes! Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Before sharing a post, ask yourself with these 5 questions:

Is this post real?

Fake news is very rampant on social media nowadays. It spreads like wildfire and harms people in making decisions. So before sharing a post online, check the authenticity of the post and read the whole story. Be discerning. 

Will it add value to the discussion? 

While you’re not required to engage in the discussion online, it would help if you share your thoughts on issues, too. But when doing so, make sure that it is useful for the ongoing discussion. Backup your claims with facts. This will be your best ammunition. 

Will it put my privacy at risk?

You’re always fond of sharing a food post on social media then tagging your location. The next time you know it, you’ve been traced by a stalker. While location adds value for some social media posts like promoting a restaurant, food business, and the likes, it would be best if you think thoroughly when to use this location tagging feature.

Will this offend my followers?

You must be cautious about posting sensitive issues on social media. It would help if you would understand cultural sensitivities.

Is this something I’d be comfortable with everyone to see?

Don’t post just for likes. This especially applies when posting photos. Think of the long term. Can this post be used against me in the future? There are some photos that need to stay in your own photo gallery. 

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