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Edukasyon.ph Has Your Back

The COVID-19 pandemic is no joke. The president has just declared an enhanced community quarantine to slow down the spread of the virus. Kaya kayong mahilig gumala, hinay-hinay muna. Establishment operations will be limited, and you should only go out when absolutely necessary—whether that’s to buy food, medication, or some other medical emergency. (More info on that here.)

There are a lot of asymptomatic carriers of the SaRS-Coronavirus 2 (the official name of the virus), pero don’t make panic, just be ingat. This is why the community quarantine is in place, and it’s up to us to be vigilant and follow safety protocols like washing your hands and social distancing. Don’t forget to support our frontliners—it could be through donation drives, or simply signal-boosting (i.e. sharing, retweeting, etc.) their needs.

Now, after having addressed these measures, ano pa ba ang magagawa sa bahay maliban sa maglinis,  maglaba, at mag-Tiktok? Give the rest of our website a shot, and you might just find what you need.

Learn a new skill

There are many different kinds of online courses that we offer. Short and nano courses, K-12 courses, undergrad courses—meron kami niyan. Some are free, some are paid, but what’s important is, dito may choice ka.

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Whether it’s just a quick skill pick up, or maybe digging into a new topic altogether dahil advance ka mag-isip, you’ll find it here. You might not have been able to choose your teacher in school, but here, you could.

Check out the rest of our blog and our other channels

We’re not ALL about school. We’re believers of lifelong learning, and that includes things outside the classroom. Hindi naman parang habang-buhay ka nang mag-aaral. Uso mag-move on, bes.

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From quick study tips, to sneak peeks into the coolest campuses or courses, to money matters to start on your savings, or staying mentally healthy during times of crisis, we’ve got something for you! Paano mo gustong makita? Article tulad nito? Video? Quiz? Or meme?

Stay tuned to our channels because we regularly release new content. Some are sponsored by our partners, but most will be made just for you as you try to figure out high school, college, and life in general.

At siyempre, gusto naming malaman ang pulso ng bayan. Leave a comment, tweet us, shoot a DM (or email if you’re old school like that) to let us know what you want to see more of!

Look for schools and courses

Before Edukasyon.ph became everything that we are now, we started out as a platform where you could search and apply for schools. Naturally, you can still do that on our website. Sarado ang mga iskul pero hindi noon ibig-sabihin na hindi ka pasok.

A scene from “Kadenang Ginto’s” episode titled “Hadlang,” where Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes) is talking to each other. (ABS-CBN Entertainment via YouTube)

We just happen to have more to offer you now! How else would you be able to make sound decisions about your future school, course, or career path if there were so many things you didn’t know, right?

No matter what kind of student you are—running for valedictorian, running for your varsity team, running because you’re late for class again, running away from your problems, or maybe you’re not even a student altogether. Regardless, we’re here for you. If you’re still trying to figure your future out, then we’ve got something for you.

Right now, given the current situation as a student, it’s important to take the future into your hands. This is your chance. Register now! Let’s make the most of this quarantine together para masabi mo naman sa mama mo na tumalino ka kaka-kompyuter mo.