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Go Local! 6 Awesome STEM Contributions By Filipino Scientists

Anyone who says Filipinos can’t make science cool has clearly never looked at STEM contributions in recent years. While we may be known for the country that’s most in touch with our heart, we have a lot of people who use their head for the good of humanity.

So if you’re looking for STEM contributions by your fellow Filipinos, check out this list for size. And be proud! From doctors and professionals to app developers, here are some Filipinos who have made big contributions to the field of science in recent years.

Reinabelle Reyes

Few scientists around the world can hold up to Albert Einstein. However, Reinabelle Reyes certainly gave them a shock when she proved one of his theories right! While Einstein’s theories have been verified many times, Reinabelle and her team from Princeton University verified his Theory of General Relativity on a cosmic scale. This discovery has also helped support the existence of Dark Matter: a force greater than gravity, which scientists have only hypothesized.

Rogel Mari Sese

Wondering where all the Filipino astrophysicists are? Well, wonder no more! Meet Rogel Mari Sese, one of the three astrophysicists in the Philippines. As program leader of the National Space Development Program (NSDP), Rogel is currently pushing to create an agency to lead all space development projects in the country. Aside from that, he’s a strong advocate of Philippine space exploration and the benefits it can have on our economy.

Josephine Bond

It’s impossible to think about space without thinking about NASA, the agency that’s given us such milestones like the Mars rover (RIP) and the space landing. So meet Josephine Bond, the Head of Advanced Engineering Development Branch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. She’s the tech support of vehicles thousands of miles away from our planet. She proudly brings the trademark Filipino values of perseverance and hard work on every mission.

Gay Jane Perez

Farming is an important part of our economy, and Dr. Gay Jane Perez saw this as an opportunity to use space to help. This Filipina doctor was the winner of the fourth annual ASEAN-U.S. Science Prize for Women for her work on precision agriculture by using satellites. If implemented, this will greatly help farmers all around the country, and fill our stomachs in the future as well.

Rodrigo S. Jamisola Jr.

We don’t have a Tony Stark yet, but that doesn’t mean our country’s robotics initiatives are left in the dust. Dr. Rodrigo S. Jamisola Jr is proof that tinkering with things has always been in the blood of the Filipino. As one of the returning scientists under the Balik Scientist Program, he aims to develop our country’s robotics development in order to help us better preserve and explore our natural resources.

Team iNON

Filipinos love our smartphones. Some of us just use it for social media. Others like team iNON, see it as an opportunity to help others. The team comprises of Julius Czar Torreda, Revbrain Martin, Marie Jeddah Legaspi, Matthew Concubierta, and Leandro Miguel de Guzman. Developing the mobile application ISDApp, they aim to help fishermen get crucial information by working with both local government units and the underprivileged parts of the country.

We’ve come a long way since a Filipino designed the first rover to land on the moon. And if the list above is any indication, we’re not done yet. STEM contributions are very much a thing in the Philippines, proving science is alive and thriving in the country. We just can’t wait to see what our fellow citizens will come up with!

The author would like to thank his colleagues at Flipscience.ph for their help in creating this article.