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How To Be A Good Friend This Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

As far as the Philippine calendar is concerned, it’s officially Christmas time ever since the ber months rolled in #realtalk.

And just in time for the yuletide season comes the holiday ganaps which are NONSTOP filling up our schedules real quick. Of course, this is as good as saying that it’s also the season when people spend too much than they can and they should.

christmas shopping rush

While a lot of these spending can be traced to a heart of giving, it’s always good to be reminded that giving doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag for it to count. There are actually a lot of underrated ways you can remember your family and friends this season without breaking the bank!

Do you want to give love this Christmas without giving your weekly allowance away? Here are five ways you can consider doing instead:


1. Give good gifts.

Giving gifts this season is normal. Giving good gifts this season is the clincher. With malls luring us in with sale items here and there (read: send self-control asap!!), it’s just so easy to pick up whatever, wrap it in one of those cute wrappers and finish off with a red ribbon. But tbh, that isn’t even the point. More than what the gift is, let it be known what the gift is about. Remember, giving good gifts isn’t about how much you spend—it’s how much thought you put into choosing that gift that counts.

How to be a good friend tip:

Give something that reminds you of them or the other way around. Fo sho, your friends will treasure it for a long time!

baby excited over a gift


2. Lend a helping hand.

Christmas holidays are basically 70% preparation and the rest, celebration. Tbh, it just takes so much time and energy to make one dinner happen—all the more as we approach Christmas day. That’s why one of the best ways you be that good friend, all while being on a budget, is by lending a helping hand to your BFFs. There’s just so much you planning, cooking and shopping this season! We’re pretty sure your friend will super duper appreciate you going the extra mile for them, literally and figuratively.

How to be a good friend tip:

Message your friends if you can tag along on their shopping spree or when they plan to decorate the tree. An extra hand is always appreciated!

little boy speaking


3. Give a thumbs up.

With all these Christmas parties happening left and right, not to mention the lowkey pressure of making every celebration perfect, it’s understandable that people get tired from all of these and just wish that it’ll magically fast forward to the new year. Good thing, a small gesture can go a long way!

Being the good friend that you are, you can show your love this Christmas by giving your friends a thumbs up for a delicious meal or a pat on the back for that great party they organized! Thoughtful gestures like these can make an impact more than any expensive gift could ever do.

How to be a good friend tip:

Give your friends a long, tight hug to show your love! (read: yup, even if they don’t hug back)

friends hugging each other


4. Express it with words.

Sure, actions speak louder than words. But words can do great things too! This Christmas season, take the time to shower your friends with unsolicited compliments every now and then (read: be genuine, okay). Let them know just how much you appreciate them and your friendship. Sometimes, it’s those little words of encouragement that bring out all the ~feels~ you need this yuletide season. Oh, you don’t need to spend anything on this too. Win-win!

How to be a good friend tip:

Whenever you see your friend do something commendable, say it at once! There’s no other perfect timing than saying it right in the act. Plus, handwritten letters work too.

man carrying flash cards


5. Be present.

The more you grow up, the more you realize that 24 hours in a day may not always be enough for everything to fit in your schedule #realtak. That’s why if only time can be asked as a Christmas gift, we’d all definitely ask one every year (read: extra day on the weekend, that is).

But while that’s impossible to happen, learn to better manage your time and make time for things you value. Want to be a good friend this Christmas but still stick with your budget? Spend time! Just being present for your friends despite the hustles and bustles of life is nothing short of a perfect Christmas present (pun intended). #makeithappen

How to be a good friend tip:

Just to be clear, you don’t have to go to every single Christmas event there is, but say yes when you can. Christmas parties, last-minute shopping spree or the good ‘ol hangouts are all fun ways to spend quality time with your squad!  

old people playing around


When people say “the best things in life are free,” they might just be at a point where they realize that showing affection to friends doesn’t always have to hurt the pocket. This Christmas season, throw love around like a confetti! Give good gifts. Lend a helping hand. Give a thumbs up. Express it in words. Be present. Trust us, it all makes a difference.

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