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The Perks Of Being A Scholar, Aside From Free Education

It’s always been said that the best things in life are free. Do you agree?

For students who are #blessed with a scholarship, this truism might just be one of their favorites. After all, getting a scholarship to fund your studies is a big help for your finances, especially at a time when quality education often comes with a hefty price tag. (Do you know how much education costs from kindergarten to college? We did the math over here!)

When thinking of the benefits of a scholarship, the first thing that comes to mind would almost always be the free tuition. But did you know there are actually other perks that the scholars enjoy aside from financial support? Check out five of ‘em in our list! Who knows, you might be able to seize these opportunities someday when you score your dream scholarship. *crossed fingers*


Doing good and feeling good by volunteering… a lot.

We all want to change the world… or at least, make an impact. And the good news is, you can! As a scholar, volunteering is one way you can make that happen. Some scholarships *require* students to allot time from their weekly schedules, but it’s one requirement that’s still a win, right?

Time is the most expensive commodity you have. That means every time you volunteer, you invest a part of you in changing the world–making you a superhero if you think about it! While non-scholars can always choose to volunteer during their spare time, scholarship programs make sure scholars get involved in community building activities such as volunteer work for personal development. So plant a tree. Read books to children. Join the campus cleanout initiative. You got this!

Today feels like a good day to change the world, isn’t it? Learn more about volunteering here:


Going for an adventure through exploration trips!

Okay, exploration trips are just a fancy way of saying travel opportunities. Either way, this should excite you because it means making your wanderlust dreams happen IRL! (Brb, we’re packing our bags.) 

Depending on the scholarship program, scholars are given opportunities to travel locally and abroad. Some scholars would take part in a two-week cultural immersion, others go on a study trip which can last a month, a semester, or even a year! Whatever the case may be, wouldn’t this excite you to score that scholarship stat? We think so, too.

Go the extra mile! Here’s how:


Taking your leadership skills to the next level

Just to set the record straight: grades aren’t the only thing they look at when granting scholarships to students. (Also, here’s a friendly reminder that grades don’t define you!) Like any careful investor looking for the best deal in the market, scholarship providers search for scholars who are leaders inside and outside the classroom. That’s why extracurriculars activities matter in your application!

In the same way, scholars are given a gazillion opportunities to develop leadership skills while they’re in school. This could mean attending leadership training, getting personal mentorship, and being entrusted with leadership responsibilitiesfrom manning the registration booth to spearheading an important event.

Scholarship programs emphasize character development to help students become well-rounded individuals, not just academically-competent students. And thankfully, leadership development ranks high on the list.  

Great leaders lead by example. Check out these leaders who made it to our list:


Meeting and interacting with new friends

When you get a scholarship, you become part of a community. There’s no picking one without the other. And that’s awesome news! (Yup, even if you’re an introvert.)

Whether it’s meeting a fellow scholar, a scholarship provider staff member, or a random person in a volunteer event, there’s plenty of room to connect and learn new things from these newfound friends. Not to mention, you get to interact with people from different backgrounds with varying perspectives. Now, ain’t that a great way to grow?

As a scholar, you will find yourself in one social event after another. Use it to your advantage! Take every opportunity to learn, and even build your network. When you graduate, you’re going to look back and be grateful that you stepped out of your comfort zone!

Relationships matter. Learn how you can strengthen your relationships here:


Building your career portfolio without even trying

Last but not least, one of the benefits of a scholarship is career development. Even while you’re still a student! Scholarship programs don’t only provide students with financial aid for their studies, but also provide plenty of opportunities to equip students to become future-ready. If you need proof, just look at benefits 1 to 4 on this list!

Thanks to all the volunteer work, exploration trips, leadership training, and an ever-growing network, scholars unknowingly build up their portfolio all while having fun in the process. How’s that for a perk? We say it’s a win-win situation.

Seize your dream career. Check out these all-in guides!


Getting free education through a scholarship is one thing. Getting free education and maximizing all these scholarship perks is another. There are plenty of scholarships available for students from all backgrounds. What scholarship are you looking for? Apply now. We got a whole bunch of ‘em waiting for you here!

Apply for your dream scholarship today. For more tips and advice on how you can maximize your student life together with your friends, check out more articles like this in the Commune blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!

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