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We Peeked Into Students’ Christmas Wishlists So You Don’t Have To

Christmas is just around the corner! Are you done with your shopping list?

Giving gifts is great. But coming up with your gift lift can be quite overwhelming. If you’re choosing a gift for a friend who’s still in school, keep reading! We got you covered. Save yourself from headache and check out this wish list we gathered from the students themselves. No need to thank us. Happy shopping!


Multi-Purpose Pouch

Every busy student is guilty of shoving all their stuff (and stress, probably) in the bag without giving a care what goes where. After all, the important thing is that it’s “all in the bag.” Until they need to find something, and suddenly they wish they had it organized beforehand. That’s where your gift saves the day!

Pouches come in different sizes, depending on what you need it for. Does your friend carry a lot of gadgets? Stationery items? Or medicine tablets? Depending on the personality type, you can guess which pouch would be a perfect gift.


Eye Mask

Why would you give an eye mask to a student who barely gets any sleep, right? Well, that’s all the more reason to get them one. To remind them they need to hit pause and rest.

Getting enough sleep is important to help us function better. It also help a student’s emotional and mental state which will not boost their school performance, but even enjoy life more outside school.

So give your friend that eye mask for a comfortable and peaceful sleep! Also, be that friend who will remind them that a little self-love wouldn’t hurt. After all, you have the entire holidays to catch up with some zzz’s.


2020 Planner

Students are probably one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet. (We’re not kidding.) Aside from their classes all day, there’s org meetings, gym practice, or group meetings to go to. Help them stay organized next semester with a planner!

While you can’t help them with their never-ending to-do lists, giving them a planner as a Christmas gift will help them map out their plans, schedule effectively, and be on top of everything. Sure, you can do that on a phone, but there’s always a sense of satisfaction when writing things down. Plus, there’s that creativity boost in designing the pages of a planner!


Pens (Lots of it!)

Repeat after me: you will never have enough pens in your life. It’s like magic!

So give your friend a lot of it. In fact, give your friend an entire year’s supply of pens. Just in case they misplace it, or it mysteriously gets lost like how it happens most of the time. Kidding aside, giving good writing pen encourages students to write more, and be productive inside and outside the school. Plus, it’s an every day item that will remind them of you!


The Gift of Tech

This generation is all about technology. Ask any student, and they’d sat they cannot imagine student life without a gadget helping them do their homework or research. So why not give them something “techie”? Literally. Give them apps and online courses!

The PlayStore and AppStore are filled with productivity apps that can students do better in school. Be it an app that helps solve Math equations, meditation apps to ease the stress from school work, or even brain teasers to keep their brain sharp. While you can find free apps to donwload, there are some really good ones that can be purchased for more functionality. That’s where your gift comes in!


Other gift ideas for your student friends:

  • Sticky notes and other stationery items
  • Metal/Bamboo straws
  • Flash drive
  • Facial Sheet Masks
  • Tons of pad paper (in all sizes!)


These are just a few gift ideas to help your shopping this holiday season. Whatever you decide to give, always remember to have the person in mind. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. It’s just bonus they get to actually use it. Either way, we’re pretty sure they’ll love it. Happy shopping!

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