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Your Quick Guide to Writing a Scholarship Letter

It’s enrollment time again. It’s also that time of the school year when students search for any possible means of financing their education.

Writing a scholarship letter can be a daunting task. You’re basically convincing someone, an organization, or an institution to help you pay for your education. While you need high grades to get that highly coveted scholarship grant, you also need to convince them that you’re deserving of their funding by writing a well-crafted scholarship letter. 

And how do you do that exactly? Well, we have some tips to get you started! 

Introduce yourself, but don’t overdo it

First impressions are very important, and they last. So you really need to nail that impressive intro. Aside from mentioning your name, your school, what program or course you are enrolling in, it is also important to share with your potential donors your interests, goals, and ambitions. This will help you paint a well-rounded picture of who you are to the selection committee. 

Telling them about your family background also helps. Like how many you are in your family. Or your parents’ occupations. Or how many of your siblings are still studying.

Provide anecdotes

Providing a glimpse of your academic life would help them assess if you’re worthy of the scholarship. Highlight your achievements, but don’t sound braggy! Make them realize that these achievements are a product of your hardships and perseverance. You can also mention the failures that shaped you as a student, and what you’ve learned from these misfortunes. While they’re expecting you to be excellent in academics, you’re still human and capable of committing mistakes.

Why do you need it

For sure, there will be a lot of students vying for that scholarship, and while you are likely applying for it due to financial struggles, it won’t do well for you to desperately plead to them. 

Never sound so desperate for money. Instead, show that you are desperate for an education. Make them realize that the money they will pour into your studies will not be put to waste. It is also okay if you talk about where the money will be allotted specifically once they accept you as a scholar. Talk about the need for books, housing, food, and all the other costs associated with a college education.

Tell them about your plans after college

You might think that this is unnecessary, but this is probably the most crucial point for evaluators. Telling them about your plans after college will help them decide if you’re a worthy investment. And this might actually help you secure a job after graduation! The company or institution offering the scholarship grant might be scouting for future employees, so make sure to leave an impressive mark. 

Let them know if you’re planning to pursue further studies after college. Maybe they have scholarship grants for that, too. This can also boost your chances because it will make them realize that you’re committed to your studies.

Be concise

Limit your pitch to one page only. They might get bored if you send two pages or more. Remember, you’re not joining an essay writing contest. It’s important that they get to read all your points. While you need to say a lot, try to be as concise as possible. Brevity is key. 

Make a strong ending

Show them the things that make you unique and why you would be a good representative of their organization if selected. Manners go a long way, too, so be sure to thank them for their time and consideration.

The competition for scholarships and financial assistance may be stiff. But with preparation and the right information, you can improve your chances of getting that fund! 

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