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4 Tips for Buying Your Next Gadget

From online classes to online raket, kailangan na talaga natin ng mga gadget.

Pero ang tanong, paano ang budget?

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Purchasing a new gadget is like an investment. Malaki man ang gastos ngayon, may chance na mababawi mo rin ito in the future. Maybe you’re a working student looking to earn money through an online job. Or maybe through online classes, you’ll finally be able to graduate and land a job. 

But like any investment, kailangan itong paggastusan. And for a student with a very limited budget, this can be a very difficult decision to make. So here are some tips to guide you before you go off shopping for your next device.

STEP 1: Figure out what you need

Before anything else, dapat alam mo muna kung ano nga ba ang kailangan mong gadget. Smartphone ba dahil kailangan mo rin ng device to make and receive calls? O baka naman mas ok para sa iyo ang tablet for online classes? Or may typing-heavy part time job ka bang a-apply-an? Or maybe you need a 2-in-1 laptop that can detach as a tablet? The important thing is to first figure out your needs before figuring out what you need to fill them.

STEP 2: Specs first, brand second

Speaking of needs, this is where specs come into play. Specs, short for technical specifications, refer to the product features of a device, like how many gigabytes of RAM it has, or the screen resolution, or what operating system it uses (Linux, Android, Windows, iOs). 

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And I know, hindi naman tayo lahat techie, so a good way to approach this is to figure out what minimum requirements you need for your tasks. For example, since you’ve already done step 1, you now know that your online classes require you to install software that will only work on a Windows 10 system with a screen resolution of 800×600. So diyan ka puwede mag-umpisa when deciding on a device…which brings us to the question of brands.

Popular, often more expensive brands have their obvious advantages, like reliable after-sales service or greater compatibility, but in recent years, that has become less of an issue. Marami nang lesser-known but good quality brands in the market. At kahit mga budget device, high-end na rin ang specs. There are still risks, of course, with these cheaper devices (Tatagal ba yan? Covered by warranty ba? Legit ba to?), but that’s why the third step is key.

STEP 3: Do your research

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Kapag gusto nating mag-succeed in school, dapat magaling tayo mag-research. Ganyan rin sa pag-shopping for a new gadget. It’s all about gathering as much accurate and factual information that we can to make an informed decision. And the fact that binasa mo itong article na ito means that you’re clearly making the effort.

But research doesn’t stop here. Seek advice from the techie in your life. Watch YouTube review videos about the devices that you’re considering. Read the reviews that people have been leaving on the device’s product page. Buying a device is a big decision, so make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. 

STEP 4: Explore your options

So you’ve finally decided on which device to buy. Ready ka na bang mag-shopping?

Bilang nasa gitna tayo ng pandemya, you should seriously consider buying your gadget online. There are many secure platforms for doing so, like Lazada and Shopee. Sometimes, they even offer installment options even without a credit card! Just make sure to buy from official brand stores in LazMall or Shopee Mall. It ensures that you buy them from legit sellers or distributors, and they come with warranty.

Another option is to buy secondhand, from platforms like Carousell or Facebook Marketplace. Mas makakamura ka na nga, you help in reducing electronic waste pa! 

!!Warning!! When you buy secondhand gadgets, there is a HUGE risk. May chance na fake or sira pala yung device, or bogus seller pala, or at the very least, sobrang luma na pala nung gadget na hindi na ito puwede sa panggagamitan mo. 

Kaya importanteng i-test muna ang mga secondhand devices. But since we should avoid physical interactions, puwedeng mag-request ka sa seller na magpadala ng video of the device to demonstrate that it works. Or meet up to test it, but make sure na pareho kayong naka-face mask at face shield. Meet in a secure public place with good ventilation (with a chaperone please), and stand six feet apart as much as possible. 

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Some people might think of electronic devices as status symbols, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are, at the end of the day, just tools. Tools to help us accomplish our dreams, whether it be to excel in class or to perform well in a job. So make sure that buying your next gadget won’t burden you so much but instead serve you well.