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5 Myths About Homeschooling You Probably Believe

We’re also a victim of hearing this: “homeschooling will hinder a child’s socialization.” If you’re considering homeschooling, this probably bothers you. Of course, as parents, you only want the best for your children. 

Myth breaker — a homeschooled student also socializes. Anyone who interacts with parents and siblings is considered a form of socialization! 

Well, this is just one of the myths! And there are a lot more!

Homeschooling is for gifted and independent learners

Parents seek out homeschooling because their kids need more one on one attention. This specific type of learning is often a great solution for kids who are advanced learners, as well as kids who feel disengaged in school, bored by the curriculum, or struggling with a learning disability.

Homeschooling is not an accepted form of learning

You may not know it, but homeschooling has been around for more than decades now. And it is considered as a form of education. In the Philippines, there are schools accredited by the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education! Check out this link to learn more. 

Students who are under homeschooling do not learn as much regular school students

Curriculums under homeschooling program are more individualized to fit the needs of a student, so it does not follow the conventional curriculum for regular schools

Homeschooled students just play

Parents will not enroll their children just to play video games or whatsoever. Who would want to spend money on that?

Students under the homeschooling program do not engage in extracurricular activities 

Homeschooling provides families with flexibility, there is no shortage of time for kids to be active outside their daily learning.

when you're a homeschooler

These are just some of the most popular myths. Which of the myths above you fell victim to?

Are you considering the homeschooling option during the coronavirus pandemic? Check out this article for a quick rundown on how to start your homeschooling journey! 

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