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Can I Really Get a Job After Online Schooling?

Have you just finished an online degree? Wondering if you can use it to land a job? Or perhaps you’re still planning on taking one and want to know if it could make you more employable? The short answer is YES! But it’s not that simple.

Whether we like it or not, the time will come when we must have to work and pay for our own bills and living expenses. Going to any school prepares us for this reality. But with the rise of online schooling in today’s modern world, we can’t help but wonder how we can take advantage of this opportunity. Self-paced learning from the comfort of our own home brings convenience to most students. But can it be useful for employment?

There are a lot of factors that may affect your employability based on your online degree or certificate alone. You have to consider the credibility of your online education provider, and how the online course can make you a stand-out candidate for the job you are applying for. Moreover, you also have to anticipate the employer’s perspective, especially if they tend to value specific degrees, courses, or schools.


Before you consider what others might say about your online degree, you must know and stand by what you think about it first. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and assess if your online degree or certification is credible. One sure way to know is if it was granted by a properly accredited institution or organization. Employers are now wary of junk online degrees, so getting one from a recognized college or provider is the best way to go.

Employers’ Preferences

Employers view online degrees differently and some might not even consider them. Knowing the perspective of your employer is another smart way to prepare for your job application.

There are different qualities that employers might associate with an online degree graduate. One is time management. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! Many students taking online courses have full-time or part-time jobs, and employers value how their employees stay motivated and optimize their time despite having various tasks and deadlines.

Another factor that employers might consider is the length of the online program. Relying on short courses alone to get the job might not be your best bet if you haven’t practiced or gained experience elsewhere. There are even scam courses out there, some that involve payment in exchange for an instant degree – definitely a no-no for you and for employers, so watch out!

Job Type

While the level of your online degree or course counts, what matters more is the kind of job you are applying for. Plenty of liberal arts degrees, and even some science degrees, can be earned online without changing the content of a traditional curriculum. Writing, research, and reading can surely be done anywhere, at our own pace. But there are areas of studies which will require heavy application in the real world.

If you want to work in a hospital, laboratory, or in a development site, for example, you would most definitely need to have practical experience. Having earned a degree purely online, unfortunately, won’t cut it for these jobs (especially when lives could be put in your hands).

In-demand Jobs 

Aside from online courses that provide diplomas and degrees after completion, there are also short courses that offer certificates. And, believe it or not, these certificates can be credited for some of today’s in-demand jobs! 

Perhaps among the most in-demand jobs now, data science and programming can be learned online. There are multiple professional certificates and specialization courses in these fields that can strengthen your job application. Other in-demand jobs are in entrepreneurship or business. Lucky for you, there are available courses that cover all facets of the industry. They can be taken as introductory or supplementary courses, especially if you are on the way to having or already have a business degree.

In the end, your online degree can certainly help but isn’t likely to make or break your chances of getting that job. Employers look for different, well-rounded qualifications in their candidates, depending on the role. Even if being a college degree holder can be an advantage, there are many important skills you can pick up through online courses. So explore what’s out there, and make the most out of online learning!

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