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#EdukasyonAsks: The BTS Edition

Napa-click ka dun no?

Yes, it’s true. It’s BTS season…Back-to-School season, that is. And unlike your favorite K-pop supergroup, mas kabado kaysa kilig ang feels natin dito. Lalo na this school year, which is proving to be one of the most unusual and most challenging in recent history.

That’s why we at Edukasyon.ph want to know, what are your questions, concerns, and worries about this school year?

For some, especially those who have already started with classes, the struggle is already very real. Minsan, mas mahirap pa raw mag-concentrate sa online kaysa sa physical class. How do you stay motivated? And why does it feel more demanding than previous years’ schoolwork?

For many Filipino students, lack of access to technology ang main concern. Maraming magkakapatid ang nag-she-share sa iisang laptop. Hindi lahat ay may access sa internet. Paano kaya ’yun? Di ba walang iwanan dapat?

Marami ring worried not for themselves but for their teachers. Hindi naman lahat ng prof ay techie. And let’s face it, for many educators, the magic of their profession lies in the physical energy that we bounce off each other in a classroom.

Do you have other issues about this school year that wasn’t mentioned above? Share it on social using hashtag #EdukasyonAsks. Or start the conversation in the comments below.