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#JustQuaranthings: Your Photo Album for Summer 2020

In a month, online classes will resume and we all can’t help but wonder where all our summer days went *sigh*. Summer 2020 was nothing like the others, as we all had to be creative on how to make the most out of it despite staying at home 24/7. Detailed plans of hangouts, day-trips, and nights-out were traded for Netflix parties, late-night calls, and game sessions over Zoom with the barkada or our family. Despite this sudden change, we all for sure had some unforgettable moments this summer. While we all have snapshots of these fun memories in our camera roll or in social media, nothing beats having your own physical keepsake that you can keep for years to come.

Here’s our list of must-have photos for your very own summer photobook, quarantine edition:

At-home photoshoots


The quarantine won’t stop us from keeping our IG game strong! From using out-of-the box props, getting crafty to achieve various photo effects or improvising for backgrounds, at-home photo shoots were surely lots of fun. They challenged our creative side to come up with glamorous shots within the comforts of our own home. Be sure to bring those magazine-worthy photos to life!

Mouthwatering snaps of your food creations

Surely, you have put on a chef’s hat at least once during this time to whip up one of the trendy dishes that emerged in social media. Whether it may be banana bread, sushi bake, or cheesy ube pandesal, you’ve taken mouthwatering snaps of your lovely creations. Don’t forget to save them a spot to reminisce all the appetizing treats you’ve made this summer!

New pieces of art you’ve whipped up

With lots of time on our hands, the quarantine season may have led us to unleash the artist within us and try our hands on activities we’ve never done before. From cross-stitching and embroidering, watercolor calligraphy, gouache painting, and many more, there are many interests to choose from! These newfound hobbies definitely took us out of our comfort zone, and now we can add a new pastime to our arsenal. With your album, you can make a special gallery for the fruits of your hard work and creativity!

Precious digital hangouts with the kada

Being physically apart won’t stop us from spending precious time with our friends! Even if we can’t see them face-to-face, we all had our countless shares of laughs and kwentos with them during this time. Whether it was a game night or a good old heart-to-heart session, those memorable times are saved in our camera rolls with screenshots of these virtual hangouts. Immortalize those favorite moments by dedicating a space for them in your photobook.

Life’s little moments

Did you ever have a moment in your day where you want time to just stand still? Whether it was a breathtaking sunset across the sky or when the golden hour just *perfectly* catches the lights and shadows in your room, these times evoke such an otherworldly feeling or make you remember a dear memory in life. Little moments like these are surely for keeps and make sure to preserve these blink-it-and-you-miss-it bits in your day.

Now that you’ve gathered all the best pictures of your summer, we’ve got good news for you! Complete our Quests for the chance to redeem a FREE 40-page photobook from Photobook Philippines. While these memories might just be a tap away from our camera rolls and social media feeds, there’s nothing like a personalized printed album to look back to.