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More Than Glorified Homeschooling: Why Earn a College Degree Online

Homeschooling was thought of as the lesser option compared with full-time university education. It was like a consolation prize for those who were not gifted enough to earn a quota spot in a good university.

It’s safe to say that times have changed drastically.

Thanks to our ever-busier lifestyles, we are increasingly looking for study options that provide a work-life balance that allows us to work at our own pace. Even before quarantine measures worldwide forced the disruption of in-person classes, online degrees were becoming an increasingly popular option, with more and more colleges offering them. The majority of society has seen first-hand what exactly online learning is all about. People have realized that completing a college degree online takes as much effort and brainpower as doing so in person. 

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Even though there are a lot of things to think about when choosing the online degree path, there are definitely many advantages to doing so. Here are some of the ways that choosing the homeschooling path for higher education can help improve not only your learning but also your entire life:

Save money

We all know that college is expensive, right? Besides tuition, there are also facilities fees, miscellaneous fees, student activities fees, and the list goes on and on. That does not even factor in any transportation, board, and lodging expenses. With so many associated expenses, it is no surprise that many people put off earning a degree altogether.

Online education helps address this problem, allowing people to save on a whole bunch of expenses. In the best cases, the only tuition will be charged, and these can be much cheaper than those for full-time degree options. You also get to save on the miscellaneous fees full-time students usually have to pay – as well as additional things like transportation and accommodation – since you won’t be on campus anyway.

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Add all of this up and suddenly an online degree costs a fraction of what you would spend as a full-time student. In the end, you still get a diploma with equal qualifications, you could use the money you save towards building your future career.

Earn a living

Not only do you get to save money as you complete your online college degree, but you also get to earn on a regular basis. Online learning is one of the best options for professionals or working students who may already be well-established in their respective jobs. This way, you do not need to sacrifice your career simply to study again and add to your knowledge.

Because online learning allows you more flexibility when it comes to how and when you go about your coursework, it becomes much easier to fit your studies into your work schedule. Hence, you not only get to keep earning, but you also avoid the stress that comes with having to juggle both full-time studies and a full-time job, and that is its own happiness that money can’t buy.

Expand your horizons

Anyone who’s seriously considered getting a college degree probably has a dream school in mind – or at the very least, would want to go to a school with a strong reputation. Unfortunately, reality makes this much more difficult than it is on paper. Your dream school might be on the opposite side of the country, or even outside the country altogether. If you want to study there full-time, you will basically be uprooting yourself entirely, and that’s not a commitment everyone can afford to make.

Choosing to earn your degree online removes these concerns from the picture. You are now able to earn a degree from a university in a different city, or even from abroad. With more and more universities offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees online, the opportunities for you have never been wider or riper for the taking.

Mature along the way

The biggest difference between studying full-time for a degree and earning one online is that if you go for an online degree, you will be largely left on your own. You won’t have teachers breathe down your neck about next week’s deadlines and you won’t have the luxury of asking your classmates for help if you forget or don’t understand something. 

This forces you to become more responsible for submitting your requirements and making sure that you understand what you are studying. This can actually work out much better for you since you are free to tailor your learning exactly to your style. Sure, it means that you have to take many more things into consideration when planning your studies and that you will be putting in more of your own effort when studying. But that also means a sure guarantee that you will learn something, both in terms of academics, as well as in life.

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