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Own It Online: The Advantages of Online Education

Just when we thought the world couldn’t possibly get any more mobile, the internet proves us wrong. There’s no need to go out to your favorite restaurant because they can deliver your food straight to you. And likewise, there’s no need to leave the house for school. 

Wait, what?

You read that right—you can get a complete education at home. While online education isn’t as new as we think, it has gained more popularity these past few weeks thanks to the government-mandated quarantines. It’s no longer just restaurant or athleisure ads popping up in your Instagram feed. Now, it’s all about brand-new courses that you can take in your spare time.

But of course, online education—or distance learning—comes with its own set of challenges. After all, who would want to bring the loaded, busy atmosphere of school into the cosy confines of home? 

Well, online learning has proven to launch people further into success, whether it be for school or career. Enrolling into an online course shows that you have an active interest in learning and a dedication to expanding your knowledge. And the choices are seemingly endless, from learning about the pyramids of Giza to the science of happiness. All it takes is a few clicks to register and a few sessions until you get that certificate!

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This could be your new classroom. (Credit: The Style Index)

Are you now starting to visualize your new online classroom space at home? Here are a few more reasons why you should consider taking online classes.

At your own pace 

The truth is, everyone, learns at different paces. Some are morning persons, while others are night owls. The ability to pace yourself according to your most productive hours is a unique benefit of online learning. You take your class whenever you want to. It sounds kind of rebellious, but it’s a great thing if you are able to manage and discipline yourself.

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No need for this—unless you drink coffee for the taste, which is totally fine, too.

In your own home

Who says you need to physically go to school or an office to get work done?

Say goodbye to long hours of sitting in mind-numbing traffic. Bid farewell to the times you’ve shown up to class only to find out your professor called it off. Forget the daily logistical nightmare of going to school. You can start your next lesson in entrepreneurship at the breakfast table in pajamas. It may sound like a dream, but this life can be yours, thanks to online education!

And if you’re worried about getting too comfortable to do online classes at home, check out our tips for maximizing this flexibility

At your own convenience 

Even while nestled comfortably in your bed, you can still access catalogs of free courses offered by reputable universities. All you need is your laptop or tablet (or your smartphone if you like to live dangerously) and a stable internet connection.

Remote learning is so flexible that you can be cooking your lunch while listening to a lecture. You can even continue your lessons while cooling down after a home workout. How’s that for multitasking?

For your own needs

Frustrated with the limited scope of your political theory class? Feel like you could have learned more about game theory if your teacher stopped dwelling on that other topic? Think your readings are a bit outdated?

Online classes can easily fill the gaps that your current education might have. And you can even customize them to your liking. There are plenty of online classes about specific topics, so you can mix and match to create a course as comprehensive and personalized as you want.  

For your own advantage

Taking online classes shows initiative and motivation, especially if it’s on top of your current work or school. And recruiters love that. Pursuing further education beyond a physical classroom lets them know that you’re serious about your field of choice. Consider it an automatic edge over your potential competitors. 

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No matter what industry you’re looking to join, online classes are a fantastic investment for your career. If you’re currently job hunting but for some reason are having difficulty finding opportunities like volunteering to boost your résumé, this is a great way to strengthen your profile.

The best part about taking online classes is that, for many of them, you get certificates upon completion, and you can easily add that to your LinkedIn profile or CV. That’s something to flex during your next interview!

Ready to start?
There are plenty of websites to choose from. AMA University has been offering online education for a while. TESDA’s Online Program has a ton of free courses. For a more international range, edX has classes from universities all over the world!

To learn more about the different online learning opportunities available to you, visit Edukasyon.ph.